Azelio is a Gothenburg-based company that has a solution for long duration energy storage, the TES.POD.

The TES.POD consists of a 13-hour thermal energy storage, based on a phase change material, and our standard 13 kW Stirling engine, to which heat is dispatched on demand to produce electricity as well as heat. We currently have almost 200 Stirling engines installed in waste-to-heat, solar and storage configurations, as well as more than 400 kW of solar demo installations.

Azelio is listed on NASDAQ First North and has about 180 employees, working in its factories in Åmål and Gothenburg, as well as its offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Beijing and Madrid.

The TES.POD solution is showcased at pilot sites in Morocco, Abu Dhabi and Sweden, and Azelio has won two commercial orders from Dubai and Sweden for TES.POD installations.

Expertise areas

Azelio’s TES.POD offers a long duration and modular storage of low-temperature heat and power for 13 hours at a competitive cost. There is no degradation over its 30-year lifetime and as the storage medium is recycled aluminum, the TES.POD has the lowest carbon footprint on the market, lower than battery storage solutions, and using no scarce or toxic materials.

It is reliable in all weather conditions and, due to its modularity, it is both scalable and it can be serviced with no downtime.


The TES.POD is a thermal energy storage. It consists of two main components, the phase change material based storage (recycled aluminum) and a Stirling engine. It is electrically charge with renewable energy and its outputs are electricity and heat.

Customer segments

We identify the TES.POD as being especially relevant in the following segments:
– Mining
– Resorts
– Agricultures
– Communities
– Rural electrification
– Telecoms
– Water treatment and desalination
– Oil and Gas

We hope, as an early result of the accelerator program, to verify the relevance of these segments in the specific case of the Indian market.

Why India?

India is an enormous market, which we foresee will grow in importance over the next 20 years. We believe that India has great need for energy solutions that will enable the country to develop in a sustainable way. Our TES.POD solution has the potential to facilitate such sustainable development, while at the same time solving key issues regarding rural electrification, for both Indian companies and communities, as the TES.POD can provide a cost-effective solution for baseload power generation.

Specific partnering interest

We are looking to partner with companies that work on the segments that we hope to identify as relevant to our solution, and that perceive our technology as synergetic with their existing technology portfolio or operations. Examples of these are project developers, systems integrators and OEMs.

Key team

Björn Odenbro, Director, Global Business Development Team
Ralph Stephan, Business Development Manager, Key Accounts
Rocio Revuelta Revaliente, Technical Analyst