About us

The Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on the business of renewable energy and energy efficiency. It develops partnerships through its biannual business delegation trips in India, webinars, and online discussion forums. India and Sweden share a common objective on the need for innovation, to build domestic competitiveness, as well to respond to the needs of growing demands in an energy-constrained world.

The Innovations’ Accelerator caters to a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including business, academia, and researchers. Webinars are held on questions of market integration, challenges to expansion. Information is continuously shared, that specifically targets and facilitates entrepreneurs and innovators as they look to grow their business.

The Accelerator programme is backed by the Swedish Energy Agency. Business Sweden and the Confederation of Indian Industries – Green Business Centre are programme partners. Together, all partners bring with them a strong history of international business development. Programme partners filter interest, develop bridges and build trust. The programme provides a window to the real-time business ecosystem. It tracks news in the world of technology, policy, academia and the market.

The Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency is a Swedish governmental organisation with an overall responsibility of promoting sustainable energy systems through the use of renewable energy, energy efficient technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change.

Besides policy development and international collaborations the Swedish Energy Agency is also an active public financier of early and growth stage clean tech companies in Sweden through a system of grants and soft loans.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies reach their full international potential and foreign companies to invest and expand in Sweden. We offer our customers strategic advice and hands-on support in 50 of the world’s most interesting markets.

Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry, a partnership that provides access to contacts and networks at all levels. Business Sweden was founded on the first of January, 2013, by a merger of the Swedish Trade Council (Exportrådet) and Invest Sweden.


The Confederation of Indian Industry, CII, and particularly the CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre in Hyderabad, is actively promoting innovative, green solutions.

The Centre is an institution of national scale, setting standards and promoting best practice in environmental technologies in industry and buildings, setting among others an Indian certification standard for Green Buildings.

The CII is an on government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organisation that works through partnering industry and government to create a greener growth in India.

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