Business people inspecting solar panels outdoors.

RISE Consortium

This project intends to study the feasibility of developing a 100 % renewable micro-grid system on the Andaman Islands wholly or partly based on direct current. RISE has gathered a consortium of experts and some of Sweden’s best companies in terms of innovative energy systems. Our project partners are Affectus, Biogas Systems, Cleanergy, Ferroamp, Metrum, Netpower, Teroc and Inclusive Business Sweden.

The overall aims of the RISE team for the project is threefold:

  1. to carry out a feasibility study of potential sustainable solutions,
  2. to create an implementation plan for a pilot project on the basis of the feasibility study, and finally also,
  3. to study of the project’s replicability for other markets

RISE as the project manager brings with them many years of experience in the cutting-edge technologies that are relevant to the project. RISE has, for example, previously conducted research to test DC equipment and have built and studied the results of the micro-grid with DC and renewable energy sources. Additionally, RISE has conducted a project in recent years to bring the Swedish knowledge of small-scale hydro, wind, and solar power to parts of Indonesia with no access to electricity or now using diesel generators.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden –


Azelio (formerly Cleanergy)

Biogas Systems





Inclusive Business Sweden