As a continuation of its efforts, the ISIA program has taken a new step by launching a cleantech showroom at Business Sweden’s office in New Delhi, India. “Sustainability by Sweden – Showroom India”  is the first showroom of its kind to showcase Swedish cleantech, renewable and energy efficiency technologies in the Indian context.

To start with, the showroom showcases more than 20 Swedish innovative technologies, which have been introduced through the dedicated bilateral program India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator. This program has been recognised as the flagship program to expand research, innovation and business cooperation on new innovative energy technologies between India and Sweden and has recently completed five years.

The exhibition room has interactive stations that show energy solutions integrated into society and put in a context. Visitors can learn more about the solution and the company by watching movies, different forms of presentations and 3D holograms – so called augmented reality.

The showroom was inaugurated on 30 November 2018.

To visit the showroom please contact Business Sweden in Delhi, project manager Pawan Tahlani.

+91 (0)11 4606 7104

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