More than 50 projects have been implemented in different parts of India.

The secrets to success in India

It is time for new companies to apply for the ISIA program. The application is open until 30th of August.

”The companies that are selected will have access to extensive experience, solid market knowledge and a fantastic network in India,” says Maria Vuorelma, Senior Business Developer at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Since its inception in 2012, more than 40 companies have completed the entire program and made three delegation trips to India each. Success is clear – over 50 projects have become reality over the years, in the areas of green energy and energy efficiency.

”Part of the explanation for the success is found in the very well-functioning cooperation between the three organizations in ISIA; Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Confederation of Indian Industry,” says Maria Vuorelma.

”The participating companies get free access to expertise and networks and also travel grants. At the same time, a lot is needed in return. What we expect is that you are prepared to make a long-term venture and to set aside time. If you are ready to make that investment, often the results will also come – it has been shown that the companies that invest the most time also get the best results.”

Pawan Tahlani, Senior Project Manager at Business Sweden in Delhi points out some key factors for the program’s success:

”These factors include intense groundwork carried out by the organizations involved; a careful selection of the part-taking companies from an Indian perspective, and last but not least continuous support from the organizations within the program.”

India is pursuing a very ambitious policy both with regard to the expansion of electricity supply to the population and to comply with the commitments in the Paris Agreement. It requires industry changes and new smart technology.

”Smart grid solutions and building automation with close integration of renewable energy are two very interesting areas of development,” says Pawan Tahlani. He has some good advice for Swedish companies interested in taking part in the ISIA program as a way of entering the Indian market.

”India is an interesting but also very challenging market, which demands a long-term strategy and committments. The market is complex, with independent regions and varying preferences. There is no solution that will work everywhere in the Indian market, so you have to be prepared to improvise and optimise your solution. But once you have done that, the possibilities are enormous.”

”A lot of information exchange takes place among the participating companies. You share experiences from previous trips or if you have other experience of exporting to other countries. We see no problems with competition between the companies, but rather the opposite – companies connect their experiences and their offers and thus achieve synergy effects,” says Maria Vuorelma.

Application for new companies is open until August 30. By mid-September, new companies will be notified that they have been accepted for the program and the next trip will take place 6–13 November.