Sweden strengthens energy cooperation with India

The Swedish Energy Agency has set aside SEK 25 million to support collaborative projects between Swedish and Indian parties in the area of ​​smart grids. The agency’s Indian counterpart, the Department of Science and Technology, has set aside a corresponding budget. There are major differences between Sweden and India, but the countries share many objectives for accelerated innovation development and positive climate impact.

The budget from the two countries results in a call that includes applied research and development projects with a focus on Swedish-Indian joint development of new technology, services or processes to handle challenges within the framework of smart grids.

The smart grid is needed to manage an increased need for energy and power from new and existing sectors, but also to support increased flexibility such as the ability to store surplus energy. At the same time, a high level of security of supply must be ensured.

“Sweden and India have a long tradition of cooperation around research and societal development. The cooperation agreement enables new joint initiatives in the energy area and smart grids. Initiatives that will strengthen Swedish and Indian research and innovation,” says Robert Andrén, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency.

Projects that apply for support must be bilateral cooperation projects where Swedish and Indian actors collaborate and co-create. The Swedish Energy Agency and the Department of Science and Technology welcome projects that reflect priority development areas in both countries. The projects must be industry-driven from both Swedish and Indian sides.

Electricity system plays key role

The electricity system will play a key role in creating a carbon-neutral society. A digitized, flexible and interactive power system will make it possible to use energy more efficiently.

It will also enable the integration of an increased share of renewable electricity production, including small-scale production. Smart electricity networks provide increased opportunities for consumer influence and give stakeholders in the electricity market the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable energy system.

The challenge is how we can implement the development and transformation of the power system from a holistic perspective so that it not only enables, but also facilitates changes in the transport sector, the construction sector, industry and other sectors that are prioritized by both countries. All these aspects and perspectives related to smart grids can be in focus, in various combinations, for applications within this call.


The Swedish Energy Agency has been working actively in India since 2009 to create possibilities for cooperation in the field of energy for small and medium-sized enterprises. The initiatives range from major system solutions linked to sustainable urban development  to the introduction of individual innovations.

In connection with the state visit in December 2019, the Swedish Energy Agency signed an agreement on research collaboration with India’s Department of Science and Technology. The call complements the Swedish Energy Agency’s ongoing activity in the Indian market – India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator. This program is run together with partners Business Sweden and the Confederation of Indian Industries.