A man making a presentation at a workshop. Photo.

Innovation Race Bootcamp

The main purpose of ISIRB (India Sweden Innovation Race Bootcamp) was to encourage cooperation between Swedish and Indian actors through Swedish innovation power and Indian entrepreneurship, exchange ideas, find new collaboration and identify obstacles. The method was a “stepwise holistic demand driving challenge solving process” and brainstorming session led by facilitator Anders Berg from Sweden during two days at Teri Campus in New Delhi. The 60 participants were representatives of different backgrounds and positions in order to create dynamics in the three different groups. The  groups had different focus areas; smart metering, district heating and cooling, and e-mobility.

Results: The aim of the activity was to find more areas of cooperation in the field of energy. Both days were highly appreciated by all participants. The outcome were concrete results such as stating the need for user-friendly smart metering, and identification of customer needs for starting to use and understanding smart metering. The e-mobility group identified how public transport can be more attractive, for example with free wi-fi.

Many people sitting around tables at a workshop. Photo.
People sitting around a table at a workshop. Photo.