New members

The India Sweden Innovations Accelerator is pleased to welcome two new members; Aili Innovation and Solvina.

Aili Innovation

Aili is focused on developing environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions aiming to improve the living conditions of people worldwide. The company’s first product is a highly efficient solar-powered water pump, which can replace traditional diesel or electric pumps for agricultural irrigation.

”The typical customer is a family farmer in a country where there is a lot of sunshine,” says founder Michael Söderström.

With 10 hours of sunshine, the system can deliver up to 24 cubic meters of water. The pump solution saves water and helps small-scale farmers increase their revenue while at the same time protecting the environment.

”We have chosen to launch our pump as a pilot project in India,” says Michael Söderström. ”The Innovations Accelerator provides the opportunity to reach a market where our innovation can be of great value and the conditions for its use are optimal.”

India has perfect weather conditions for Aili’s system as well as great awareness about the drawbacks of electric and fossil water pumps. There are government incentives in place to encourage the switch to solar-powered water pumps.


Energy systems consultancy Solvina is specialized in the dynamic performance of complex industrial processes, power plants and systems. Process, power and control engineering are combined to achieve higher reliability and productivity.

“We have specialist knowledge in analysing plants and power systems in a holistic way, taking into account all aspects of dynamic behaviour of the plants in order to optimize in the right places,” says managing director Niclas Krantz.

In India, Solvina has been working with island operation of power plants, which means testing the ability to operate in an isolated grid when the main grid fails. The work has included several companies in the process industry. Performance has been improved and the plants have been enabled to operate with very few disturbances. Solvina is now ready to expand and contribute to the very ambitious targets for solar, wind and other renewables that have been set up by the Indian government.

“We want to be part of this programme to contribute to the expansion of the Indian grid and power mix as well as the implementation of the huge amount of renewables that is coming up. Our aim is to make that mix as efficient and well-performing as possible,” says Niclas Krantz.

Solvina’s head office is located in Göteborg, Sweden, and the subsidiary in Noida, New Delhi, opened in 2015.

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