Four new members

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator is very pleased to welcome four new members, who will all take part in the forthcoming trip to India in mid-April.


Airec develops, produces and sells innovative plate heat exchangers for gas-to-liquid heat transfer, so called assymetric heat exchangers. The technology is quite unique and can be used for all applications where gas or air needs to be heated or cooled by means of a liquid. Applications include recovering heat from combustion gases, cooling compressed air or cooling charge air for engines.

”We have helped many European companies to reduce their energy losses and now we want to help India to reduce their energy footprint as well,” says CEO Michael Bäärnhielm.

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Heat exchangers. Photo.

Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control offers smart analytical instruments for both research and commercial analysis within biogas, organic wastes and wastewater treatment.

”A lot of biological processes are associated with either gas production or gas consumption,” says founder and CEO Jing Liu. ”If you can measure consumption and production accurately, this opens a new door for monitoring and control possibilities. Only if you know what’s going on, you can further optimize.”

The company is a market leader in the area of low gas flow analytical instruments for biotechnology-related applications. The smart instruments allow for more efficient, reliable and higher quality R&D and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour.

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Analytical instruments. Photo.


Most industrial processes have a need for steam or hot water. Elpanneteknik is one of few world-leading experts within electrical boilers, and high voltage electrode boilers in particular. Electrical boilers are silent, emission-free and provide a sustainable alternative to oil-, coal- or gas-fired boilers. Elpanneteknik has developed a business model based on Build Own Operate Transfer.

”The end-user pays for the hot water or steam needed. We do this in cooperation with leading local investors and EPC contractors, which means that we localise production, operation and aftersales. The partners we are looking for are primarily investors, EPC contractors and pressure vessel manufacturers as well as local actors able to do operation, assembly and commissioning of our products,” says Chairman Mårten Björk.

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Boilers. Illustration.

FMTP Power

FMTP are experienced consultants with expert knowledge in the power substation world, smart grids, IEC 61850 protocols, maintenance and test instrument markets. Their new innovative product GridEx provides power network owners and service companies with a cyber secure test and audit tool. GridEx is a smart grid/microgrid portable multimeter. It is designed to make large amounts of complex data readily available to the power engineers with valuable information, powerful suggestions and reports.

”Cyber security is very important,” says CEO Romain Douib. ”Any equipment that you connect to a station is a stranger in the eyes of the station. We are not injecting anything, it’s a passive tool that captures and processes information on it’s own, We are not disturbing anything in the station which is important with the digital network that we have today.”

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Technical equipment. Photo.