Swedish and Indian flags. Photo.

Five new ISIA members

For the next delegation trip to India, which will take place 6–13 November, five new Swedish innovation companies are onboard. These are Comsys, Granuldisk, Prime Design Sweden, Scandinavian Enviro Systems and EcoLoo.

Here are compressed presentations of the five companies’ innovations and the products and services they are now introducing to the growing Indian market. More details can be found on each company’s member page.


EcoLoo uses its award-winning sustainable sanitation solution to save clean water from being flushed into septic tanks, sewage treatment plants or oceans and rivers. This can prevent millions to billions of dollars from being spent on sewage treatment, sewage transportation and energy consumption. EcoLoo employs a unique bacterial culture to treat the waste and create organic fertilizer which is pathogen free, yet rich with nutrition.


Comsys’ product line is called Active Dynamic Filter. The filter removes the voltage and current harmonics present in the power system and thereby provides clean power to machines. This is a very fast and reliable solution which helps technical equipment to perform better and results in better productivity.


Granuldisk offers pot washing machines that uses PowerGranules, water and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean. The target groups are in the industrial food production, large hotels and similar. The blasting power combined with high temperatures washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using in average 70 percent less water, energy and chemicals than any other pot washing method. A smart, sustainable and economic solution – eliminating pre-washing.

Prime Design Sweden

Prime Design Sweden develop and manufacture smart portable equipment like the LED light tower “Baselight”, the portable early disaster warning system “BaseSiren” and the portable solar generator “BaseSolar”. The core products aim to support the following customer verticals: Rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, police and military. The products play an important role because of ease of transport and low energy consumption.

Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Enviro develops, builds and operates profitable industrial plants for material recovery from End of Life tyres. The company has developed a process, based on a patented technology, where gas generated in the process is heating the tyres in absence of oxygen. This enables the materials in the tyres to decompose and be recovered instead of incinerated. A sustainable recovery of the resources Carbon Black (CB), oil, steel and gas is obtained, replacing fossil resources which helps customers reach their sustainability targets.