Electricity on the move

City bus in Gothenburg. Photo.Volvo Group announces that, in cooperation with Swedish Energy Agency, it’s preparing a new initiative to put electric buses on the streets of Gothenburg.

Sweden has been running public transport on biogas for some time, but Volvo Group will be taking the next step in emissions friendly transport on the streets of Gothenberg.

Volvo is to introduce a fleet of electric buses to Gothenburg next year, operating a service between two science parks in the city. “The electric bus service entails a new mode of public transport system usage, which is highly positive for Gothenburg,” says Anneli Hulthén, chairman of the city’s municipal board. The project is being promoted as ElectriCity.

Buses powered entirely by electricity from renewable sources will become a part of the Gothenburg’s public-transport system. The buses will be extremely fuel-efficient, silent and completely emissions-free. Passengers onboard will have access to new technologies and at least one of the bus stops will be located indoors.

The project will hit the road in 2015, and this innovative technology will facilitate a reduction in fuel consumption by a full 75% compared with current diesel buses.