Business benefits from Green Buildings

India’s interest in green building solutions is growing, and Regin is ready to capitalise.

India is a huge market for energy efficient solutions. Regin works with sustainable solutions for smart energy usage which is critical for India today. Stefan Blom, Sales Director for Regin talks about how they are ready to work with India’s ambition for urban growth, through green building technology development.

What makes your technology useful in India?

We essentially make buildings energy efficient. Our technology is web based and energy consumption can be tracked real-time from anywhere. We also make monitors that can be attached to cooling or heating systems to calculate the energy consumed and the cost involved, it also gives information on how this can be made more efficient and less costly by increasing or reducing the temperature by a few points. Through our technology we also reduce the man hours involved since everything is digital and is online thus reducing costs.

What is your model of operation in India?

We are looking for partners we can work with who will install our equipment, primarily in commercial properties like malls, hotels and hospitals. Our technology is a very small component in the process of making buildings energy efficient. Thus the investment in this technology is only 10% of the entire investment and you can get the returns in about two to three years. We are also looking to work with competitors who can give us a better idea of the market. When you keep a building running for twenty to thirty years it is important to optimise consumption.

Is Indian industry open to this kind of investment?

India is very open to green building technology and is investing in it gradually. 40% of the total energy consumption in cities is by buildings so now more than ever there is a need to optimise it. It is better for the state to invest in green buildings at this stage since it lowers the costs and is beneficial in the long run.

What is your long term plan in India?

We are looking to provide more robust solutions so we can work over a longer period of time. We want to work with our partners on a model that is based on trust and not profits so we can build a long term relationship with them. Ultimately 90% of the money will stay in India and we want our partners to make a profit. This way we can do our part and they can also benefit from it.

Hands holding a technical device from Regin. Photo.
Stefan Blom. Photo.