Frequent meter readings offer many benefits

Affectus AB and its Indian partners, among them the meter manufacturer Allied Engineering Works, have been granted financial support through the call on smart grids for the future, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The partners involved receive support for the project “Integrated data management system for electricity grids and electricity companies”.

“Our specialty is collecting data by making very frequent readings at many points at the same time in the grid. With the help of these data, you can track causes of interruptions and improve the stability among other things,” says Peter Almström, founder and owner of Affectus.

Bringing experience

The platform for measurement and data management, called Affectus Alba, is used today in Svenska Kraftnät, the state-owned enterprise responsible for ensuring that Sweden’s transmission system for electricity is safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective. All 600 meters in the core network are read at the same time every three seconds.

“We want to take these experiences to India and do something similar through the collaborative project with our Indian partners.”

The main Indian partner is the meter manufacturer Allied Engineering Works. Other Indian partners are the network owner BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and IIT Delhi. On the Swedish side, RISE is a partner.

Further advantages

In addition to better measurement in the electricity grid, Affectus will also make measurements at larger outlet points as well as delivery points. The purpose is to get a better view of the stability and avoid overloads and that the network’s relay protection trips. But there are additional advantages with the measurement and data analysis.

“With better control of voltage drops or increases, the integration of both outlets for charging stations for vehicles and input in form of delivery of solar power to the grid can be facilitated without them causing balance problems. In addition, it gives the network owner the opportunity to open the market for external electricity sellers. With our measurement technology it is possible to identify who has sold to whom,” says Peter Almström.

The work is expected to start before the summer and the project is ongoing until the end of 2023.