About Xlit and Modio

Xlit’s objectives are to create sustainable social and industrial development, leveraging IT and technical capabilities and grasping opportunities internationally. The founders of Xlit have extensive experience from having worked with a large, multinational tech company in amongst other countries India.

The growing IoT business in India is an important part of Xlit’s global IoT strategy to transfer IoT technology and competence globally, with specific focus on India and Modio as a technology partner. Xlit’s ambition is to bring the latest technology and innovative products to the country, addressing its climate and energy challenges.

In addition to its IoT business, Xlit offers Product Introduction Management (PIM) and technical services, global supply chain & distribution services and server capacity leases globally.

Expertise areas

Xlit offers a secure and continuously updated IoT echo system including software and services, paired with local hardware. Its innovative spirit, deep industry insights and unmatched IoT technology expertise, supported by technology partner Modio, are the foundations upon which Xlit helps customers and partners who require best-in-class performance with uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards. Xlit’s IoT experts have pioneered a successful end-to-end system approach that assures that all the pieces work together seamlessly when connecting ‘things to apps’ – from device management to connectivity and data management … and everything inbetween.

Xlit offers solutions for energy cost savings and efficient maintenance and control:

  • Monitoring and control of buildings remotely;
  • Unifying data to give the recipient the overall picture;
  • Delivering data in a secure, consistent manner for operational, tactical and strategic purposes;
  • With scheduled updates several times per year and all parts of the system automatically updated.


IoT solutions for smarter energy consumption and management

As energy needs grow, so do issues concerning increased consumption, including aging infrastructures and rising consumer expectations. With Xlit-enabled IoT solutions for smart energy and utilities, customers can connect energy assets and integrate them into their existing IT infrastructure for safe data transfer, monitoring and control. This enables customers to make smarter decisions about energy distribution and consumption with possibilities for their own end customers/users to do the same.

The system consists of three main parts:

  1. Local hardware and distributed software.
  2. Cloud-based secure IoT OS.
  3. Adapted user interface solutions.
  • Any software can be connected = Integration through REST API.
  • No need for firewalls or VPN solutions = Security is built into the core of the system.
  • Any hardware can be connected = Integration possible to existing systems and meters:
  1. Energy and water central
  2. Fans and AC units
  3. Solar panels
  4. Specific areas, elevators etc

Customer segments

Today, a smaller industrial footprint has been established in India. The following phase includes approaching larger Swedish companies in India, and on a case-by-case basis, also exploring opportunities with solar energy production and select facility management companies and similar, to further leverage on solutions developed and in place for the Swedish market.

Why India?

Xlit’s objectives include creating sustainable social and industrial development, and its owners have previous experience from having worked and lived in India, which is a huge potential market and also the place from where Xlit is mainly basing its expanding workforce and business capabilities. Xlit established a subsidiary in India 2017, the same year Xlit Group was incorporated, and the number of local employees has now expanded to 19. The growing IoT business in India is an important part of its global IoT strategy to transfer IoT technology and competence in India (with Modio as a technology partner) with the ambition to bring the latest technology and innovative products to the country addressing its climate and energy challenges.

Xlit has seen huge potential for its IoT products and solutions for different business verticals and segments along its Indian journey so far and have started exploring a couple of different industrial tracks with the aim of finding the best sweet spots in this massive and multifaceted market.

Specific partnering interest

  • Companies in overlapping industry fields with specific industry expertise who are willing to enter into partnerships for B2B sales encompassing our IoT solution.
  • Potential sales representatives with specific industry and IoT expertise who are willing to enter an engagement based on a sales provision set-up.
  • Swedish companies in India and select companies with medium-sized solar panel and other installations that would benefit from future proof monitoring and control with interest in commercial deployment of the solution.

Key team

Elisabeth Ronquist, representing Xlit Group AB, with 20+ years of international leadership experience from IT/telecom, banking and own consulting business. Roles include board and CFO positions, corporate financing, sales support, commercial & sourcing management. Strong international negotiation experience in complex environments with skills also in business strategy, managed services, sales, and business development.

Mathias Ericsson, CEO Modio AB, experienced brand and communication expert working with small and large companies in many different industries and segments. Experienced board member in entrepreneurial companies. Today an entrepreneur with focus on the relationship between business plans, communication, brand development and how it all connects.