Originating from ABB Kabeldon, Sweden, in the mid 80s, Unipower AB has developed a competitive edge within the field of Power Quality Systems, having today more than 30 years of experience.

Unipower AB offers a wide range of products, systems and services to measure, store and analyze power quality data with the highest accuracy class, certified IEC Class A instruments.

The powerful system provides the user with needed data to identify, support and prioritize actions towards increased efficiency of power consumption and smarter use of available capacity. The powerful system further supports identification of needed preventive actions to avoid malfunctions and power outages.

Unipower AB also provides the user with the tools for deeper analysis of any disturbances and its origin as well as a fully automatic alarm and report system to monitor and store all data at all time, and to be trigged on any deviation to limits decided by the user or the National Grid Code.

One of the fundaments of the system is the data efficiency. By having the most data efficient system available, analyzing trends and statistics of many years of data and from different Power Quality Meters have never been easier and faster.

Expertise areas

PQ Secure

The powerful management system which surveys the available base of power quality meters and automatically collects and store the measurement data. As the Power Quality System grows the more powerful PQ Secure becomes with functions to survey, analyze, generate reports and send alarms from multiple PQ meters.

Power Quality Meter

from hand held portable units to rack or wall mounted power quality meters for permanent installation. The power quality meters are type tested towards IEC 61000-4-30, Class A, which assure the user with compliant and verified data.

Data efficiency

Unipower uses an advanced data compression algorithm which not only assure a reliable collection of data from each power quality meter but also keeps the data growth of SQL data base to a minimum. The result is a superior response time when analyzing data from multiple meters with years of recording.


Unipower systems are available for a range of different communication methods to enable the best available communication option at each unique installation.

User Interface/Support

The combination of a user-friendly software interface, step by step instructions and a professional support and training guarantees an efficient installation and operation.


The PQ Secure Power Quality Management System provides the ultimate norm-compliant solution for comprehensive and user-friendly continuous remote access to all power quality parameters. PQ Secure is the key tool used by utilities in many countries for the management of Power Quality in their networks. Moreover, PQ Secure can also diagnose potential problems within an end user’s own installation.

UP-2210 Power Quality Monitor, which are permanently installed at site and continuously measure all power quality parameters in the network, automatically detecting all PQ problems. The advanced Digital Signal Processing within the UP-2210, combined with the Adaptive PLL (Phase Locked Loop), gives a measurement accuracy that is unrivalled.

It is also possible to integrate portable Unilyzer analyzers into the PQ Secure system. This will enable the user to measure at more network sites, thus giving an improved and even more complete view of the power quality in the network.

Customer segments

  • Power: Generation, transmission, distribution.
  • Industry: Steel, paper, mining, data center.
  • Infrastructure: Airports, rail, smart city.
  • Sensitive: Data center, hospitals, banking.
  • Consultancies: Energy efficiency, troubleshooting.

Why India?

Today India is top three in the world on electrical power production, with an increasing part generated by renewable sources such as Hydro, Wind and Solar driving a more complex grid. India is top four on power consumption in the world, but still not reaching hundreds of million people, mainly in the rural areas. Furthermore, India is changing from the use of more traditional fuel for cooking (fuelwood) to electrical stoves etc.

Finally, the government of India is driving initiatives to reach everyone in India with electric power.

In addition, India has a high IT competence and well developed means of data communication around the country.

All together this makes India to one of the most interesting markets in the world for the services and systems Unipower AB offer.

Unipower AB also expects the demands on each sector, either on production, transmission or consumption side in the grid to fully comply with the grid code in every aspect, to be even more serious, as a natural consequent of a more complex grid structure.

Unipower AB works through local partners in India who today have the Utilities, Power Industry etc. as their customers.

Specific partnering interest

The local partner preferably has IT competence and products/services in nearby areas to Unipower Systems. However, the dedication, interest and network of our partner is always key.

Key team

Peter Andersson, Managing Director, Unipower AB
Johan Brodén, Technical Sales Manager, India