Trifilon AB

Trifilon is a swedish company, founded with a vision for a positive change in the plastic industry. We offer Plant based materials for plastic products and we also offer unique Production technology (machines and solutions) to enable production of biocomposite. We have a complete proof of concept facility in Sweden, including a big factory for production and R&D and lab facility. We have capabilities to qualify new materials, prototyping of new material concepts, prototyping of new manufacturing technology and innovation etc.

Materials: Trifilon is specialized in sustainable green materials, focusing on competitive formulations of biocomposite to replace conventional fossil plastics. The materials are plant based and also achieve a substantial reduction in Co2 footprint compared to traditional polymers. 

Production technology: Trifilon’s proprietary manufacturing process and machines, driven by compounding twin screw extrusion, stream lines the production of high-quality biocomposite compounds. The fiber feeding system achieves industrial-scale compounding and gives the possibility to use different kind of natural fibers depending on the local supply.

At the forefront of sustainability, Trifilon plays a crucial role in steering the plastic industry away from fossil dependency. Our commitment extends to end-to-end validation, with capabilities ensuring a robust value chain and proof of concept. With a market focus on sustainable plastic replacements and scalable production technology, Trifilon emerges as a key contributor to the green transformative change in the industry.

Expertise areas

Trifilon take pride in offering biocomposite that effectively address environmental concerns and provides functional green plastic for the plastic industry.

Innovative formulations and materials: Trifilon’s commitment to innovation is evident in our proprietary formulations. Our research and development teams work to create blends replacing conventional fossil based materials in various consumer applications.

An enabler for producing biocomposite: We are specialized in prestaging, priming, and improving the feeding control of natural fibers. This expertise ensures a robust compounding process and that our biocomposite materials achieve optimal strength, durability, and consistency to meet industry standards. Our unique technique also enables our partners to use a wide range of local natural fibers for their production.

By partnership, we are offering a unique opportunity to join the journey to transform the fossil based plastic industry towards a greener future.  With 10 years of work, research, and big investments in our materials and machines we are finally ready to start with the first collaborations and partnerships outside of Sweden offering our production technology and knowledge first to Indian partners. 

It is our belief that India is the right and strategic country for Trifilon to find business friends, partners and collaborators who see the same potential that we do in terms of contributing to a greener planet but also in creating outstanding good business opportunities.


Trifilon boasts two distinct product offerings.

Materials: Plant based materials for plastic products. Trifilon has different materials depending on the specific application requirements, design requirements, price levels and areas of use. The common feature of Trifilon’s material is sustainability and its positive impact on the environment, for example through strong Co2 reduction compared to conventional plastics.

There are many different types of applications and products on the market made in Trifilon’s environmentally friendly material. The field of use is wide.

Technology and machines: Feeding > drying > dosing > compounding.

Industrial and scalable solutions for production of biocomposites. The hardware is necessary for production of the Trifilon biocomposites but also a general enabler regards other production including natural fibers. It is automated and easy to operate and maintain. The technology and machines can be adapted into partners existing compounding infrastructure. 

Trifilon wants to reach out by partnership offering this technology, receipies and knowledge to businesspartners in India.

Customer segments

Indian Brands (OEMs) with various plastic products, in segments like consumer products, construction industry and so on. Examples of applications that are on the market today in Trifilomaterial are mobile phone cases, car seats, electronic components, suitcases, umbrellas, chairs, garden tools, various types of handles, knobs, boxes and cans.

Plastic compounders who are interested in collaborating and having a partnership for Trifilon technology to be able to produce biocomposite of Indian raw materials and natural fibers.

Injection molders interested I biocomposites.

Distributors/agents interested in biocomposites.

Indian holder of residual products such as rice husk. Suppliers of natural fibers grown in India for eg jute, hemp and coconut.

Indian investors or politicians interested in partnership with Trifilon to produce biocomposite locally in India with locally raw materials.

Why is India?

We know that India has one of the world’s fastest growing and largest economies. India is in the forefront of technology and is open to new innovations. We know that India is a country full of natural raw materials and natural fibers (eg jute, hemp and coconut) and also have rest products that we find very interesting (eg rice husks).

Trifilons technology for biocomposites offers a unique solution, replacing up to 60% of traditional plastic with bio-based waste like rice husk. In a country like India, where the demand for plastics is soaring, our innovation not only addresses the energy-intensive nature of polymer production but also aligns with the nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship. 

We know that there are numerous natural raw materials currently not being used, for example rice husks in the Punjab district. We have adapted our machinery to efficiently utilize and process natural raw materials so that they can be used in the production of biocomposites. By minimizing the amount of polymer in our compound with natural fiber (rice husks or similar) we can decrease the energy consumption by approximately 50% compared to virgin plastic production. Besides the energy savings, there is also a CO2 reduction of up to 90% when switching from conventional PP to Trifilon material. We have already filed our patent applications for India.

Trifilon have recently hired three university-educated employees with backgrounds and families in India. That means we furthermore prepare us strategically with local knowledge, language, culture, and access to local networks.

To sum up – our material formulations, our outstanding hardware, our unique software and last but not least our great team are ready for India!

Key team

Jonas Ceder, CEO
Martin Lidstrand, CTO