Torkapparater designs and sells turnkey systems with rotary dryers, kilns and coolers for thermal processing of solid materials. Founded in 1937, it has supplied more than 1,200 units worldwide for a range of industries.

Torkapparater’s scope of supply also includes energy, heat recovery, materials handling systems, off gas, VOC treatment, as well as overall process control and safety systems. The main advantage of Torkapparater’s products is the indirect heat transmission design principle. It enables separation of the energy supply stream from the materials and vapours/VOC streams and the use of different energy sources, such as already available off-gas streams, for drying/heating/calcining processes. The indirect heat transmission principle also enables heat recovery and VOC treatment during the thermal processing of solid materials that would otherwise not be possible.

Today, Torkapparater is focusing on:

  • delivering its products to the mineral and chemical industry
  • biomass and power generation and
  • industrial sludge and recycled products.

Why India?

Sweden has many environmental and heat efficient solutions in place. These technologies are possible to transfer to other countries. India can benefit from these to use waste heat stream for preheating and drying purposes.

Key team

Ulf Bojner, CEO