About Swedish Neutral

Swedish Neutral AB, established in 1987, develops, manufactures and markets systems for neutral treatment and earth fault protection that raises reliability and safety for medium and high voltage networks.

With our long experience and extensive knowledge, we assist customers all over the world with all earth fault protection needs.

Expertise areas

Potential to prevent bushfires/wildfires caused by powerlines.

By preventing fires help reduce massive carbon dioxide release.

Most sensitive and fastest protection for majority of faults in HV-networks.

GFN has potential to prevent deadly or serious injuries caused by faults in HV networks.

Smart grid protection – protects whole HV network from one point.

Long international expertise in converting from existing protection to GFN protection.


Bushfires/wildfires are a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and the GFN has potential to help avoid many of these and thereby reducing emissions by many hundreds of millions of tons per year.

The Ground Fault Neutralizer [GFN] earth fault protection system helps customers to handle their earth faults in the safest and least interrupting way by supplying the fastest and most selective earth fault protection available on the market today.

The supply of electricity constitutes a vital part of society’s infrastructure and the demand for reliable distribution of high-quality electricity is ever increasing. With the GFN you will be able to meet these demands while still guaranteeing highest possible safety.

As injury statistics clearly indicate, speed is the most essential aspect of protection. With a total response time of less than 60 ms (three cycles) the GFN is substantially faster than traditional protection schemes, independent of the actual fault location. Instead of tripping the faulty feeder the GFN brings the fault current down to practically zero, making it possible to maintain safe operation without disturbing power supply to customers. This unique feature can be guaranteed both during transient and sustained earth faults. Installed in the substation and connected to the transformer neutral, the GFN protects the entire network from one point.

The GFN has gone through extensive testing by the Victorian government in Australia. The tests concluded that the GFN (named REFCL in Australia, Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter) is the only system that can provide high enough performance to prevent fires caused by earth faults during worst case bushfire conditions.

Customer segments

Customers include electrical utilities, industries (steel mills, mines, chemical and others), power plants (coal, nuclear, solar, wind, etc.), marine (off-shore platforms, ships) and infrastructure customers (e.g. railways).

Why India?

Swedish Neutral’s aim is to market our earth fault protection system (the GFN) as a premium product aimed at high voltage networks that are especially sensitive to power outages or those who are working in high fire risk areas. In the longer run our vision is to establish the GFN as the standard earth fault protection system in India and the world. A first step would be an installation at a good reference site and then build sales from there.

Specific partnering interest

The company prefers to deal directly with the end customer if possible, at a later stage we would look for partners for commissioning and after sales services. Initial contacts should be at high level at the utility or industry where we can explain the benefits that will be achieved from installing the GFN, contacts with protection engineers will be the second step of the process.

Key team

Niklas Winter, Executive Vice President
Andreas Winter, CFO
Johan Hollander, Software Department Manager
Viacheslav Levashov, International Sales Coordinator