SurfCleaner is based on the revolutionary innovations by serial inventor Stig Lundbäck, M.D., founder and mastermind behind SurfCleaner, who spent almost 20 years designing and testing the concept together with paying customers. The development of the company can be divided into two phases.

Legacy (start–2015)

In 1986, doctor Stig Lundbäck discovered how the heart performs its pumping and auto-regulating functions – a previously unknown pump technology, DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump). Stig continued to develop his findings until 1991 when he was asked if his pump technology could remove oil from the water surface after a spill accident. This resulted in the first SurfCleaner prototype and patents – SurfCleaner AB was created. Design & development continued and between 2001 and 2015 more than 30 units were installed.

Restart (2016–2020)

Stig’s daughter Christina took charge of SurfCleaner together with the new CEO, Mikael Andersson. The years of development had created a very strong foundation to drive the commercial scale-up journey the company was now initiating. SurfCleaner is on a mission to make a real impact on the global struggle for clean water.

Expertise areas

The SurfCleaner offers a revolutionizing, automated and efficient solution to the global water surface pollution problem. The product is both simple and advanced. The patented collection and separation process has been developed into a self-managing solution consisting of only two moving parts. The product has been developed through years of extensive research and in close co-operation with several customers to create its unique capabilities whilst being durable and easily maintained. SurfCleaner solves the water surface pollutant issue using a three-step process:

  1. Collection
  2. Separation
  3. Recovery


SeparatorControl Cabinet

Customer segments

  • Oil refineries
  • Heavy industry
  • Wastewater treatment

Why India?

India is home to some of the largest refineries and heavy industry in the world and SurfCleaner offers the ability to clean up and improve their environmental impact.

Specific partnering interest

We are looking to partner with potential distribution partners who specialize in the relevant industry sectors.

Key team

Peter Cheney, VP International Sales

Olof Svenious, Chief Project Officer