Stockholm Water Technology (SWT)

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) is a Swedish cleantech company with a patented solution for water purification, which is smart, energy saving and energy storing. The patented and membrane-free solution based on the innovative electro-capacitive technology, which was commercialised after close to 12 years of R&D by the founders. SWT products have the capability to store energy while cleaning the water and give the user the unique flexibility to tailor the output water quality dynamically.

Besides being one of the first in the market to offer a solution with Software Defined Water Quality, SWT products consume very little energy and boast of high water recoveries, making it a low carbon footprint and clean solution.

SWT is currently selling their products in Sweden and Benelux regions (specifically Belgium & Netherlands) of Europe, wherein homeowners and breweries have given great feedback regarding product performance. The FORS product family from SWT is a point-of-entry (PoE) solution, which can give clean water to the entire house or tailored water for a brewery. SWT also has smaller point-of-use systems for only drinking water use and is also working on larger solutions for the industrial wastewater market.

Expertise areas

  • Patented and membrane-free product for water treatment.
  • Water and energy efficient electro-capacitive technology with 75–90 % water recovery and low energy consumption (< 1.0 kWh/m3)*.
  • Potential for Water-as-a-Service (WAAS) business model for low-cost water supply.
  • Low carbon footprint solution – no chemicals, solar powering option, easy end-of-life management.
  • Single window operation – ability to remove/reduce salts, heavy metals, microbial matter, COD, BOD, organic micropollutants (pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, PFAS, etc.) turbidity and smell in the water; all simultaneously. Customer benefits:
    • Contact with only one supplier.
    • No quarterly or annual replacements of multiple filters.
    • Unforeseen changes to water pollutant composition can be easily managed.
  • Tailorable output water quality – SWT products come with a smart and adaptable software which can be used to tailor the quality based on user needs. Customer benefits:
    • Define your water characteristics based on need.
    • No additional chemicals needed to modify water properties (only electricity).

In addition, SWT products come with value added services like:

  • Integrated hydroinformatics capability: this enables customers to fine-tune their operation and keep a check on process functioning.
  • Complete IoT enabled – ensures customers have full access to the product from anywhere with internet connectivity.

*1 m3 = 1,000 liters


SWT currently manufactures and sells the FORS family of products in Europe. FORS comes with all the benefits and USPs of the technology, packaged into a Point-of-Entry (PoE) water treatment unit. FORS comes in S, M and L sizes, along with custom builds for larger capacity requirements. FORS S, M & L are typically used for small breweries and home use with water capacities ranging from 500 LPD to 4,000 LPD. For larger capacities, SWT builds custom solutions using the expandable skeleton of FORS. FORS benefits are as follows:

  • Modular and expandable system capacity.
  • Graphical hydroinformatics view, IoT-enabled with touch-screen interface for easy access.
  • High & tailorable water recovery.
  • Direct DC (solar battery) powering enabled.

LPD = liters per day

Customer segments

  • Home and commercial drinking water systems – ground, municipal or surface water treatment for individual homes, apartment blocks or commercial establishments (PoE and PoU systems).
  • Water treatment for breweries – input water (tailored water through software) and wastewater recirculation.
  • Aquaculture: recirculating aquaculture farms – nitrate, ammonia, phosphate removal and concentration for re-use.

Why India?

SWT’s product is a perfect match for regions where there is a physical ground water scarcity and treatment needs to be both water and energy efficient. The USPs of SWT are a great fit when considering the needs of consumers and industry in India. Hence the SWT team is looking at the Indian market as a good opportunity to deliver a solution which meets the governments sustainability goals, while simultaneously growing its business.

Additionally, SWT is also looking to exploit the “Make-in-India” scheme, to build up manufacturing & assembly capability in India, which could also be a hub for the Asian and global markets of SWT.

Specific partnering interest

SWT is open for:

  • Technology/product licensing options
  • Manufacturing partners
  • Specific product development contracts

Key team

Karthik Laxman Kunjali (CEO)

Roger Forsberg (CCO)