Spowdi AB

Spowdi is a green-tech company driving the agricultural evolution by moving the food system away from fossil fuels. One-third of the world’s food is produced by 500 million small-hold farms. Through the Spowdi technology, these farms are able to irrigate and save water with help from the sun, thus securing efficient and profitable food production.

Spowdi was founded in 2016 and has a worldwide patented solar-powered technology that uses compressed air to move water. This creates a robust, energy-efficient, lightweight, and mobile system with enough pressure to run a drip irrigation system for a one-acre farm.

Spowdi in India

In a water-stressed country like India, the use of traditional water pumps for farming can pose a major threat to groundwater. The high capacity of these pumps enables them to draw an excessive amount of water from the ground, in a short span of time and flood the farmland. This process is inefficient and depletes the water table, as it leaves no time for the groundwater level to recover before it is used again.

The first to be impacted by a depleting water table are the small-holder farmers, who up until now have had no choice but to rely on traditional irrigation systems, which are often powered by fossil fuels like diesel. To make our food systems sustainable and profitable for small-hold farmers, they must be able to grow more food using less water and move away from fossil fuels.

In November 2017 Spowdi AB became members of The India Sweden Innovations Accelerator program, which has been of great importance and benefit for the company when entering the Indian market, looking for business partners and stakeholders. Since then, Spowdi AB:

• Has set up a joint venture: Emmvee Spowdi Private Limited
• Has set up Spowdi Smart Farms to showcase the system, one at our own farm in Bangalore, India
• Cooperates with both distributors, stakeholders and organizations for educating and selling the Spowdi Smart Farming solution

Using the sun as the only power source, the Spowdi Smart Farming system drip-irrigates the crop with precision. This results in higher crop yields and more time saved, making the small-hold farmer profitable and independent.

Importantly, it helps conserve water for future generations and ignites an agricultural evolution that is regenerative.

A person holding a small portable solar panel. Water dripping from a tube onto green crops. Photo.