About Solvina

Solvina is an engineering consultant company highly specialized in dynamic performance of complex industrial processes and power plants and systems. We are combining process, power and control engineering in a holistic approach and also combine advanced theoretical system analysis and design with hands-on testing at site to achieve higher reliability and productivity.

Since many years, we have been working with performance testing and tuning of power plants. Methods are emerging from extensive work in the nuclear industry where careful planning, execution and analysis must be made for safety reasons. We have been working almost 20 years with optimization of frequency control of governors, especially for island operation. We have continued into general grid code compliance, where new power plants are tested and approved for commercial operation. In process industries with their own generation, Solvina coordinates control for optimal quality of both steam and power supply. Besides testing services, Solvina does simulation studies, modeling, and protection coordination studies.

The head office is located in Göteborg, Sweden, and a subsidiary has also been established in Delhi (Noida) India. Solvina is currently working in several countries around Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. In India we have been working since 2014 with power plant related projects in captive and cogeneration plants, with combined steam power studies, island operation testing and planning, stability analysis and protection coordination. We have also carried out testing of primary response on request from CERC, POSOCO and Power Grid.

Expertise areas

Solvina are experts in dynamic performance of complex industrial, process and power plants. We are optimizing the reliability, performance and productivity in existing and new plants and reduce the project and startup time.

  • Steam distribution control
  • Island operation
  • Grid code compliance testing
  • Power system stability
  • Dynamic performance


The main deliveries of Solvina are about system level design, simulation and tuning, but products like simulation software and test equipment, and operator simulators are also provided.

Customer segments

Customers are found among all kinds of stakeholders in the energy intense process and power industries, plant owners, EPCs, regulators and utilities.

  • Cogeneration power plants
  • Captive power plants
  • Independent power producers
  • Solar power plants
  • Wind power generation

Why India?

India is a very interesting market since the expansion of the energy sector, and especially the renewable sector, is growing so fast. India also has a huge industrial sector and Solvina can make a difference and make the Indian industry even more efficient and productive by providing the experiences and methods already used in our home market for 20 years.

Specific partnering interest

Solvina International has a subsidiary in Noida, New Delhi, since 2015. They are managing sales and part of engineering within the power area at the moment. Within this project we are looking at entering into the renewable generation like solar, wind and biomass, and both EPCs and manufacturers in the market could be relevant partners. Solvina can assist them in their commitments. Solvina is already working with this group since many years. We would like to team up with EPC contractors and assist them in the technical integration and approval of renewable plants.

Key team

Niclas Krantz, Managing Director
Peter Dahlström, Process Specialist
Shahzad Alam, CEO Solvina India