Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices provides a wide range of real-time tools for monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality to a global market. We provide multiple cost-efficient solutions that help organizations and people acquire awareness for cleaner air and in the long term improve the health of people. We develop our solutions in Stockholm, Sweden and have manufacturing partners in Asia.

Expertise areas

We provide air quality monitoring solutions for many different use cases. Our products are easy to use and install and provide a variety of connectivity choices, given an overall low cost for larger deployments and greater benefits in larger installations.

We address multiple client needs across different sectors with our air quality monitoring solutions, for both indoor and outdoor environments. We also provide customized solutions for our customers and services.


Our product brand HibouAir is a platform with several sensors and software tools for air quality monitoring.

Customer segments

  • Office facility managers
  • Digital twins
  • HVAC consultants
  • Schools and institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Municipalities (outdoor )

Why India?

To help India develop an efficient strategy for actions leading to better air quality and health by creating and developing new relationships with educational institutions and industrial sectors.

Specific partnering interest

We are looking for direct customer projects, distributors and representative partners.

Key team

Axel G. Hammar, Technical lead and CEO

Shivani Gupta, Business Development Manager

Himanshu Jindal, Sales representative