Senseair develop and produce affordable precision gas sensors for high volume applications. With 20 years experience, SenseAir has become a world leader in the field of infra-red gas measurement technology.

SenseAir sensors can be used in wide range of different applications. One of our major markets is building automation where our sensors control individual fans, dampers valves etc. In addition, complete air-handling and air-conditioning units help us create a better indoor environment and energy savings by measuring CO2.

Why India?

India is a growing market. Senseair know from before that growing markets have a demand for CO2 controlled buildings. A lot of energy can be saved by using CO2 controlled buildings, and per what we have heard India is very interested in the energy saving part.

Specific partnering interest in India

Companies who manufactures HVAC equipment by themselves, example HVAC fans, HVAC controllers. Companies who installs HVAC equipment (the electronical parts, not the ducts) and Distributors who already sells European or US brands.

Key team

Thomas Brunzell, International sales manager
Pär Nordin, Area sales manager