About SaltX Technology

SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company that has developed and patented a technology that stores energy in inexpensive, highly available salt and subsequently recovers it in the form of heat or cold.

The energy is stored chemically by separating salt from water and then released by combining them again. With regular salt, this process can only be performed a few times before the crystals agglomerate and prevent an effective chemical reaction. SaltX has solved this with their patented nano-coating, allowing energy to be charged and discharged thousands of times. Additionally, SaltX salt is non-corrosive (preventing rust) unlike ordinary salt, while also being non-toxic and recyclable.

SaltX Technology’s strategy is to develop, deliver, and license the SaltX technology to the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of energy-efficient heating and cooling products. Their newest application, EnerStore, is designed to store large amounts of energy. The size of the application can be adjustable from family home size to large energy plant size.

Expertise areas

SaltX Technology’s focus is to develop different salts and concepts utilizing these for energy storage and heating or cooling purposes. Our nano-coated salts and sorption technology are versatile and can be used in solutions that range from off-grid energy storage to satellite heating and cooling. All of these applications are developed with an ambition to make a positive impact on the environment. SaltX uses all-natural salts that can be both upgraded for reuse and recycled.

SaltX Technology’s salts can be sourced globally and energy storage solutions utilizing these can be performed at substantial lower cost than competing technologies.



SunCool is a thermal solar collector generating both heating and cooling for water, space heating, air conditioning and more. The SaltX solar thermal collector is the first and only in the world, combining heating, cooling and energy storage and delivers twice as much energy compared to today’s state of the art solar collectors.


EnerStore is a scalable energy storage technology. The energy is stored chemically by separating salt from water, and then released by combining the two again. The technology allows thermal energy to be stored and used hours, days, or months later. Scales range from individual processes to large-scale storage for municipalities and cities. SaltX Thermo-chemical energy storage can be charged with both electricity and heat and then be released as heat up to 500°C.

About Energy Storage at saltxtechnology.com


HeatBoost is a thermochemical heat pump for water and/or space heaters. The main application is a gas-fired residential boiler with a seasonal COP of 120 % or higher with the additional function of “soft” cooling.

Customer segments

SunCool: Thermal solar collector developers and producers.

EnerStore: Industrial boiler and fluid bed developers and producers.

HeatBoost: Gas boiler or heat pump developers and producers.

Why India?

India’s growing economy and its good conditions for renewable energy when it comes to sun and wind mean that SaltX products and concepts are well matched. With the help of efficient energy storage, India can become completely self-sufficient and fully utilize the good energy resources from sun and wind. With SaltX energy storage, excess energy can be saved when the sun shines and the wind blows. The stored energy is then taken out as needed, for cooling, heating or as electrical power.

India has a very large domestic market, as well as efficient global companies that can develop, manufacture and export energy storage solutions based on SaltX Technology’s salts and concepts.

Specific partnering interest

SaltX Technology is looking for partner companies in India, which can develop/commercialize, produce, sell, supply and service units/plants based on SaltX Technology’s salts and developed concepts. India is the primary market, but markets outside India are also of interest.

Key team

Dr Christofer Rhén, VP Business development

Pankaj Gujarathi, Technical sales