S-Solar AB is a privately-held high tech company, with manufacturing base and headquarters in Sweden. With more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high performance absorbers and heat exchangers, our customers today exist in more than 20 countries. With its subsidiary Sunstrip, S-Solar AB is a leading company in advanced coating and thin film technology and, lately, climate shell or building envelope products.

With its absorber products, the company is represented in more than 50% of large solar thermal installations in Europe, the US and Asia.

It is now also developing and producing the next generation of building envelope products and systems for building system manufacturers and façade contractors. The new product lines are attractive to architects, real estate developers and consultants/engineering companies by enabling Green Building status through producing green and sustainable energy while reducing the actual energy need of the building.



S-solar and Sunstrip have developed Sol-gel, a unique method and process for coating of metals to achieve the highest performance, quality and sustainability.

Sol-gel is a new coating technology that, through a wet chemical process, can induce in materials and surfaces specific performance, qualities and properties. Sol-gel can be used to produce hardened and sustainable high quality surfaces, low friction surfaces or be used in applications for the construction and facade industry to meet demanding requirements and conditions. So-gel is the basis for the future when producing systems for green energy.


Prisma is a new innovative multi-function building and facade element that absorbs and generates solar energy, while protecting the building against heat, moisture and cold. It is also an architectural design element to create a flexible and expressive look of the building.

Prisma uses a technical platform that enables continuous product development. The technology can meet specific customer demands by re-using components. The technology is patented, safe, easy to install and proven. Market demand is confirmed.

Why India?

As India urbanises at unprecedented speed, the need for energy-efficient buildings and renewable energy installations is growing.

Moreover, as CEO Robert Sundqvist says, ‘India is a vibrant marketplace, and in terms of solar potential is one of the areas that is guaranteed to grow. We have had long standing connection with India. We are looking for local partners, and we look forward to developing such relationships with S-Solar coming into India.’


S-Solar is looking for partners and investors in India. Our technology and equipment is used by solar component producers, building material and surface producers.

Specific partnering interest

Investors and producers within the Aluminum, Glazing, Building Material, Surface Protection, Solar energy and HVAC sectors.

Key team

Klas Ståhl

Managing Director with overall responsibility for the Group. Former member of OMX Executive Team and responsible for the global technology operation and Senior Partner at Accenture

Peter Johansson

Operations Director & Site Manager responsible for operations and site manager in Finspång, including procurement, logistics, production, production technology and customer service.

Robert Sundquist

Robert Sundquist, Business Development Director, responsible for business development including R&D, product development, partnerships, advisory and education services. Robert was the managing director for Exoheat and has an extensive experience from solar energy business and the energy industry.