Roam Electric AB

Roam is a product company that designs and develops electric motorcycles for emerging markets, starting in Kenya. This product can off-set a large amount of carbon emissions in emerging markets globally, reduce local emission in urban areas, and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for end-users who are now relying on rising petrol prices. Roam offers supporting infrastructure, a fleet management software and after sales services to enable an ecosystem that accelerates the transition to sustainable transport on new frontier markets. Roam currently employs 180 people at the HQ and electric motorcycle assembly plant in Nairobi.

Expertise areas

Roam is designing and developing electric motorcycles made for the price sensitive emerging market, taking into account the operating conditions, serviceability and end user driving pattern. This product market fit unlocks the use of electric motorcycles at scale in emerging markets since no similar options have been available before. By partnering up with asset finance companies that offer a lease to own solution, end users can access this new, initially more costly technology and start earning more from day one than with a conventional fossil fuel vehicle.

Roam is also building the ecosystem around charging, after sales and software that help accelerate deployment of the core products and create diversified revenue streams compared to the conventional automotive industry. This ecosystem approach gives Roam a strong resilience and competitive edge.


The Roam Air is a 3.5kW electric motorcycle designed specifically for emerging markets with a robust frame that can carry up to 200kg, 90km/h top speed and two removable battery slots. Roam sells the motorcycle with one or two batteries which offer a range of 80 km per battery under city driving conditions. A portable charger is included that can charge a battery from any electricity outlet in 3-6 hours, and offers the driver’s complete flexibility. Alongside hardware, Roam is providing a containerized public charging & battery rental solution called the Roam Hub which will initially be installed at petrol stations.

Customer segments

Motorcycle taxi entrepreneurs
Delivery firms
Fulfillment partners to ride-hailing apps
Asset financiers

Why is India?

Roam is interested in exploring new emerging markets for the electric motorcycle Roam Air which is designed to be affordable, robust, easy to maintain and reduce the total cost of ownership for end-users in a market with increasing petrol prices. India is one of the largest markets in the world for motorcycles, but in terms of electric the majority of products are electric scooters for commuting end consumers. Roam is bringing a unique utility product that is compatible with the Indian spare parts library and offers a possibility to transport heavier items or people in both urban and rural areas. Today Roam has already based a large part of their supply chain in India which would simplify an entry into the Indian market.

The primary focus is to expand supply chain in India with new suppliers and partnership, with the intent of export parts to Kenya. This supply chain is a pre-requisite for being able to launch in the Indian market.

The secondary focus is the map the commercial landscape, policy related questions and find a go-to-market strategy for India.

Specific partnering interest

Suppliers for parts
Freight partners for export
Sub assembly partners
Testing facilities for homologation

Key team

Mikael Gånge, Director & Chief Commercial Officer
– Market Mapping
– Commercial Strategy
– Distribution
– Partnerships

Albin Wilson, Chief Product Officer
– Suppliers
– Product market fit

Brett Mangel, Chief Operating Officer
– Suppliers
– Production
– Shipment

Arvind Merwah, Procurement & Supply Chain Officer
– Suppliers
– Shipment