With a global perspective, it is Renetech’s mission to be a developer of sustainable and environmentally adapted renewable energy projects; electricity, vehicle fuel, heat and biogas produced through solutions involving renewable sources, including waste and biomass management, hydropower, solar and geothermal energy conversion.

Renetech develops projects in collaboration with technology providers, contractors, equity partners and local stakeholders.

Since its formation in 2005, Renetech has been engaged in project development, research and consultancy in large and smaller scale projects, mostly in the EU and SSA.

Expertise areas

Project development of renewable energy and resource recovery projects with focus on Bioenergy/biomass, Hydropower and Solar (PV and heat). Renetech is also expanding its portfolio to mini-grid sector and solar thermal based cooking solutions. Renetech service is unique since it renders complete service including:

  • Pre-feasibility and full/bankable Feasibility Studies
  • Build, Design & Operate Services
  • Investment Support
  • Procurement support and management

Renetech is also deploying first of its kind solar thermal based indoor institutional cooking stoves for schools, hospitals and entities engaged in large scale cooking. Some of the unique features of the solar thermal cooking stove are:

  • Affordability and Access: We are targeting to reduce institutions’ energy costs by 50%, our ergonomic, safe designs allow access by women and disabled operatives.
  • Energy Security: We displace open wood fires which are denuding local woodland, reducing the countries resilience to climate change. Solar systems are a local renewable secure source of energy.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We displace unsustainable wood collection for high usage open fires. Our system is smoke free, and a net-zero-carbon system based on renewable solar-thermal energy. By offering a share of profits to reforestation projects we will be a net Carbon sequestration project and help restore the land, increasing climate resilience.


The key product Renetech is interested to deploy under this program is the solar cooking solution. The institutional solar stove system collects energy from the sun, and stores and transfers the energy to pots for cooking in an institutional setting, much in the same way as cooking is done today with wood fuel, but without the smoke and deforestation. The system consists of three main elements: Solar collectors, thermosiphons, heat storage units and pot hearts or boilers.

Institutional solar stove – animation at

Customer segments

  • Rural/Semi urban cooking schools
  • Community cooking
  • Hospitals, prisons
  • Food processing industry
  • Monasteries

Why India?

Thermal energy accounts for more than half of the world’s energy demand. In the specific context of India, two third of the final energy consumption is heat, of which only 10% is supplied by renewable energy sources (IEA, 2018). Renetech being interested to explore the institutional solar cooking market in India, there is a clear market segment for deploying the solution in rural and peri-urban areas for cooking, water and small-scale food processing.

Specific partnering interest

For the institutional solar cooking, Renetech is interested to partner with local companies which are already working(interested) to work on the institutional cooking market. Apart from the institutional solar cooking, Renetech is also interested to collaborate with strong local partners with an interest to work on project development in the areas of waste to energy, biomass/biofuel production, hydropower, solar PV and solar thermal.

Key team

Tom Walsh, CEO at Renetech AB
Mr. Tom Walsh has more than 15 years’ experience and being involved in over 25 projects in the areas of bioenergy, waste to biofuel, hydro and solar, across the entire project cycle.

Mr. David Bauner (PhD), CTO at Renetech AB
Mr. David Bauner have more than 25 years’ experience in renewable energy sector. He served as UNDP appointed renewable energy expert for several studies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mr. David´s key expertise areas include hydropower, waste to energy, solar thermal, biomass and biofuel production.

Benjamin Mategeko, Senior Project Engineer at Renetech AB
Benjamin Mategeko is an electrical engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in renewable energy projects in Rwanda and Sweden. Benjamin has been one of the lead engineers in the hydropower sector in Rwanda, where he worked as Project Manager for 69 Micro Hydropower Project.

Israel Biramo, Project Engineer at Renetech AB
Israel Biramo is a master’s graduate in Solar Engineering with expertise in the areas of mini-grids and solar thermal systems. Before joining Renetech, Israel has worked with the United National Industrial Development Organization and Vattenfall AB.