Primozone was founded in 2000 and already from the start, the aim was to redefine ozone technology. From experience, the personnel at Primozone knew that traditional ozone generators have many weaknesses. The aim of the development team was to design an ozone generator that reduced as many of these weaknesses as possible.

The result is an ozone generator that both has the highest ozone concentration and lowest lifecycle cost on the market.

Since 2003, Primozone Production AB is wholly owned by Westfal-Larsen Technology of Bergen, Norway. The W-L group is a family-owned group of companies founded in 1905. Primozone is one of several companies within Westfal-Larsen Technology AS, all of whom are active within high-technology R&D products. The W-L group is an industrial owner who has invested several million Euros in the development of the Primozone’s Ozone Generator.

Today the Primozone ozone technology is a proven concept with more than 1000 installations. It is sold worldwide and used for different water treatment applications in all over the world.

Expertise areas

All the Primozone ozone generators are based on the same redefining ozone technology that delivers world class ozone production. The GM series offers ten standard size generators. The modular design makes it possible to combine the generators to fit almost all your ozone needs, from small to large demand. The range is capable of delivering ozone from 6g to 2.9 kg per hour, and should more be needed a combination of two or more machines will do the job.

The Primozone generators produce ozone at the exact levels needed at any given time. When ozone needs vary, the oxygen and energy consumption for the complete system adjusts accordingly, making the complete solution energy efficient.

The Primozone ozone generators are capable of producing ozone with a concentration of up to 20% by weight, a must-have within some industries. The generators are also able to supply the ozone with a pressure of up to 3 barg (43.5 psig), eliminating the need of booster pumps to overcome the water pressure for injection.

The Primozone ozone generator is easy to install and operate. The modular design makes the generator reliable and very easy to maintain. The small footprint of the Primozone ozone generator is a great advantage compared to conventional ozone generators. The space requirement could be as low as 20% of a standard generator.


Primozone’s offer includes on top of the generators itself also peripheral products such as system controller, cooling water system, back flow protector, injection module and ozone destructor. Primozone is also, though partners, able to supply other equipment for the complete ozone system, such as PSA for oxygen generation.

Customer segments

Municipal water

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Micro-pollutants


  • Textile waste water
  • Semiconductors and photovoltaics
  • Process water
  • Cooling tower (legionella)
  • Food and beverage


  • Land based fish farming (Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS))
  • Well boats

Why is India?

India is a country with big potential for Primozone.

Within the municipal area we have the need for sustainable wastewater treatment from a huge and growing population. There may also be a need for removal of micro-pollutants, such as pharmaceutical residues, that today slips through water treatment plants and ends up in the environment and eventually in humans.

With the big industrial base of India there is a need to treat wastewater prior to disposal. India is predicted to be growing in areas such as semiconductor industry, where Primozone is an excellent supplier to the wafer industry with our high concentration equipment. Primozone have been involved with customers cleaning wastewater from the textile industry, and given the size of this industry in India it is of course highly interesting.

India is also a big country when it comes to fish farming, and could by that be an interesting market for our ozone solution when it comes to either treating the water for the fishes or the well boats between production batches.

Specific partnering interest

Primozone is primarily looking for partners already established in their specific industry. Preferably they are already familiar with ozone, although this is not a requirement. We have already initiated contact and discussions with Saroj Tiny Tech India Pvt Ltd, and would like to explore this further.

Key team

Marcus Heincke, Business Development Manager

Magnus Hammarlund, Area Sales Manager, Asia