Prime Design

Prime Design Sweden develop and manufacture smart portable equipment like the LED light tower “Baselight”, the portable early disaster warning system “BaseSiren” and the portable solar generator “BaseSolar”. Our core products aim to support the following customer verticals: rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, police and military.

Expertise areas

We are the world leader in solutions built on the portable platform “BaseCase”, such as Baselight and BaseSiren, BaseCam, BaseSolar etc. We offer superior energy efficiency, latest IoT integration and undisputed transport efficiency.


Baselight, BaseSiren, BaseCam, BaseSolar, BaseBattery.

Customer segments

B2B, government, municipalities.

Why India?

We have been present in India since 2017 and sell our products through an emerging partner network. The main customer (via partners) is the Indian government and organizations like NRDF (national rescue forces) as well as the World Bank and Indian government-funded projects like the “Odisha cyclone prevention program”. Our products play an important role because of ease of transport and low energy consumption as well as the uniqueness in our technology offering.

Specific partnering interest

We like to grow our partner (reseller) network and find more partners in India. These are companies that are suppling equipment to our target verticals already.

Key team

Andrej Dahllöf, CEO, product offerings, marketing & sales
Mani Wannan, Vice CEO, India, Indonesia, Malaysia partner manager