PPAM Solkraft

PPAM Solkraft, founded in 2012 as an offshoot of Perpetuum Automobile, deals with efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Located in Linköping, The Engineering and Research centre is connected to Linköping University.

PPAM Solkraft’s primary products are Swedish-engineered, high quality photovoltaic modules that use raw materials from leading suppliers. The black Onyxium module is a highly efficient mono-crystalline solar module.

The Paladium module is a cost efficient Poly-crystalline photovoltaic module with a fine bluish touch. The Transparium module is semi-transparent, where light gets through.

PPAM Solkraft offers engineering services in order to establish highly efficient projects.

PPAM Solkraft is present in the Middle East and Asia and offers a flexible approach to business development.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPAM Solkraft bears the entire investment cost of the solar power plant in exchange for long-term revenue from a PPA market. Conditions must be such that the power price is stable and sufficiently high, and small-scale power is seen as a valuable component in the specific markets’ renewable energy policies.

Direct sale of turnkey solar power plants

PPAM Solkraft also offers direct sale of turnkey solar power plants to the target market.

PPAM Solkraft provides services with a phased approach, from overall conceptualisation to delivery of systems and installation.

PPAM Solkraft builds, owns and operates turnkey solar power plants on behalf of its customers, ensuring maximum yield and low life-cycle costs. With PPAM Solkraft, you will have a quality product with Swedish R&D backing, long-term guarantees, monitored production and plant optimisation.