Polyamp is an international Swedish high-tech company, a pioneer in switch mode technology and world leading in naval mine protection systems. Polyamp Power Division specializes in DC/DC converters used in applications demanding high reliability in rough environments, such as in Railways, Power/Energy, Telecom, and Defense industries. It’s a family owned company established in 1966 with production in both Sweden and Switzerland.

Polyamp prides itself to be a secure part of your system as its stand-alone converters are fully integrated (with EMC protection) and have a high electrical performance score, even in harsh electrical and physical environments. A system is never stronger than its power supply, and with a Polyamp converter you increase the stability and longevity of your system.

Polyamp is customer focused, offering customized solutions and accurate delivery times to the projects it serves. Polyamp innovation process is production based, which ensures its quality and flexibility in responding to needs. Service, ethics and communication are high priority, resulting in loyal long term customer relations.

Why India?

Polyamp is engaged in India with its Naval Systems and have delivered converters to Bombardier’s trains in the Delhi Metro. We would like to explore the possibilities of partnering with Indian companies interested in sustainable investments, that build long-lasting systems, or work in tough environments. With the right partners, we can use our expertise and accelerate our innovation process, maybe even develop new products custom-made for the Indian market. We already know that our systems perform well in Indian conditions, and so there is already a good platform to build upon.

Customer segments

  • Railways: Train and Trackside
  • Energy/Power industries
  • DC Micro-grid systems
  • Renewable energy such as solar power and wind turbines
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Radio and Telecom

Key team

Eric Östlund, CEO
Marie Ann Östlund, International Relations