Mimer Energy

Mimer is an energy company who uses nothing but renewable and sustainable energy sources that exists in abundance: Next Generation Energy.

Mimer is specialised in the production, distribution & recycling of low grade heating and cooling, and in applications using this energy.

Mimer’s main current focus for the Indian market is efficient and resilient energy system solutions, including heating and cooling, of commercial buildings and industries. The business area also covers energy efficiency and recovery, connected to industrial processes and waste management. Through in-house expertise and strategic alliances the company has leading technical expertise in the field of smart energy systems, energy recovery from organic wastes as well as energy efficiency in industrial processes. A specific business vertical is geo-energy for heating and cooling as well as underground thermal storage incorporating ground source heat pump systems.

In the field of Efficient Energy System Solutions, the company undertakes specialist design, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as project management and turnkey contracting services.

Mimer Energy aims to provide worldwide access to inexpensive, clean, fully renewable and reliable geothermal heating and cooling energy with zero emissions and no negative environmental effects.

Mimer Energy operates in India through its subsidiary Maksus Mimer Energy Solutions India Pvt Ltd. assuring a close relationship with clients, local network for adaptation to local conditions as well as contractors for installation, commissioning and operation.

Why India?

The Indian market is in much need of both renewable energy and energy conservation, with the Mimer Energy solutions for heating and cooling both these will be satisfied. Sweden’s experience in using ground source heat pumps goes back over 50 years and 25% of the world’s installation has been installed in Sweden.

Our objective is to use that experience to give India and Indian customers the same benefit as we have had in Sweden for years. In this first phase, our ambition is to focus on energy systems for commercial buildings.

Key team

Georg Svensson, CEO

Zartab Jafri, Managing Director, India

Robin Curtis, System Designer

Mikael Kullman, Business Development