Midsummer AB

Midsummer is a Swedish solar energy company that installs discrete solar roofs that we manufacture in Järfälla with 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional solar panels. We have a high-tech, Swedish product and own the entire value chain from development and
production to installation. Under the Midsummer Machinery brand, we supply production systems for flexible thin-film solar cells.

Midsummer was founded in 2004 with the desire to transform the world’s most climate-friendly energy source into usable energy for everyone. Through a constant focus on further development and our vision of accelerating the transition to renewable energy, Midsummer has developed the most sustainable solar roof. Our products Midsummer SLIM, Midsummer WAVE and Midsummer BOLD are currently our main focus and sales area, while we continue to supply advanced production systems.

Expertise areas

Minimal weight – Minimum weight of 3.5 kg / m2 enables easy and safe installation without penetrating the roof sealing layer. High efficiency of 39 W / kg. With its low weight, Midsummer BOLD is a new alternative for roofs with weight restrictions. This means less cost of strengthening the roof structure.

Not Chinese – Midsummer BOLD is a Swedish innovation that is manufactured from scratch in our production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm – from input materials for solar cells to finished solar panels. Through this we ensure a transparent production.

Sustainable – Thanks to a unique manufacturing process and production in Sweden, Midsummer BOLD has a carbon dioxide footprint that is 90% lower compared to traditional solar panels.


Solar panel for every roofs – Midsummer BOLD is an ultra-light and flexible solar panel, suitable for bitumen- and membrane roofs, where the end product is a discrete solar roof. The panel is designed for larger, flat roof surfaces on commercial properties, industrial buildings and warehouses.

Midsummer Machinery – Midsummer DUO is a ready-made production system for the mass production of durable, flexible and cadmium-free thin-film solar cells (CIGS) with a minimal CO2 footprint. With a compact design aimed at high capacity, reliability and excellent materials utilisation, the unique DUO system has become the world’s most widespread production system for flexible thin-film solar cells.

Customer segments

For the panels we have two customer segments, residential and commercial/industrial. For Indian market we believe the commercial/industrial area are of interest.

We also see that we would like start joint ventures in production of solarpanels for both the Indian and European/global market. This segment we would focus on industry companies interested in establishing a local production of solar panels.

Why is India?

A large and growing market with a clear focus on solar, both from a utilization and production perspective. India are challenging China with the establishment of local production of solar panels. Midsummer can both deliver unique solar panels for the end customers and production equipment for producing those panels.

Specific partnering interest

Larger industries with the interest of rooftop solar. We believe that the business needs to address the unique properties of our panels to be able to pay the premium price.

Industries or investors that are interested in setting up a local production of solarpanels, preferably in a Joint venture with Midusmmer.

Key team

Full bio on Corporate governance:

Sven Lindström, CEO
Eric Jaremalm, Executive Vice President
Åsa Jynnesjö, CFO
Klara Takei, Head of R&D
Alex Witt, COO
Maria Huttunen, Head of Construction
Torbjörn Andersson, Head of Installations
Erik Olsson, Head of Business Development
Johan Oliv, CTO Solar panels
Anders Thun, Marketing Manager
Peter Karaszi, Head of Communications
Alexander Sjöberg, HR-Manager