ISAB Group is a comprehensive supplier of energy efficient ventilation solutions, relining of sewer pipes/ vent ducts and solutions to purify water and air as well as prevent spreading of diseases.

We offer sustainable and non-disruptive renovation during operation, this means that residents can stay in their accommodation during the renovation. The business model relies on the energy saving solutions and our own patented technologies to reline pipes.

Relining minimizes disruption and the carbon footprint.

ISAB was founded in 1998 by Patrik Brandt and the company is still privately owned. The company is based in Sweden with the head office located in Mölndal just outside Gothenburg. Our energy saving solutions are used internationally on ships. Our lining solutions are today used in about 10 countries and we have a sister company in the USA.

Expertise areas

Sustainable and non-disruptive renovation during operation.


ISAB Ventilation offers services and products for optimal quality of indoor air and energy efficiency. The offer contains renovation, reconstruction and service of existing ventilation systems.

ISAB Relining offers renovation of sewer pipes and vent ducts. Relining is an alternative method to total replacement of pipes. With this technic you get a new pipe faster, cheaper and with less material use, that will hold just as long as a traditional replacement of the pipes

ISAB Solution is specialized in air and water purification solutions in buildings and ships. We aim to minimize the risk of diseases spreading.

ISAB Marine offers our products and services to the marine market.

Repiper offers our patented lining system to distributors. We offer materials and extensive training programs.

Customer segments

  • Owners of buildings and ships
  • Construction companies
  • Shipyards
  • Resellers and distributors of lining material
  • Transfer of know how to other contractors

Why India?

We have had interest from India in our Repiper technology and in our system solutions for air purification. We have an internationalization strategy to focus on English speaking countries. This project is the opportunity for us to evaluate the Indian market.

Specific partnering interest

  • Partners for an Indian joint venture
  • Product distributors
  • Building and ship owners for pilot projects
  • Engineering companies
  • Construction companies

Key team

Patrik Brandt: CEO ISAB Group
Tech Dr Thomas Thunberg: Lining and purification technologies
Robert Klevgård: Engineer ventilation/ energy saving
Martin Karlsson: Lining technician
Amanda Jarnevall: Project support and market evaluation
Ida Segerqvist: Project support and market evaluation