FOV Biogas

FOV Biogas is a Swedish clean-tech corporation that creates unique and customized solutions for waste and energy problems, through production and installation of biogas reactors of highest quality, providing superior support, offering unique scalability and ensuring cost effectiveness. FOV Biogas supplies cost effective and customized biogas solutions globally. FOV Biogas’ vision is to make the process of turning waste into value an affordable and sound investment.


Our bio-reactors are produced using advanced textile and sophisticated polymers. This enables us to supply advantageous biogas systems uniquely designed to serve specific customer segments. The solutions have been developed together with leading universities, research institutes and end users worldwide. Installation, maintenance and service is supported locally.

  • Industries or municipalities with organic waste and organic wastewater sludge
  • Agriculture and farming sector with organic residue
  • Various sizes of systems available customised to suit small domestic need to large municipality requirement.
  • All systems are scalable that helps in incremental investment

Why India?

India is one of the markets with the biggest potential for biogas production. Our main interest is to find local partners that can market, sell, distribute, install and handle support of our biogas systems.

Key team

Fredrik Johansson is business developer at FOV Biogas and Chairman of the board at FOV Fabrics AB.