FMTP Power

FMTP Power consists of experienced specialists from the power industry.

We have expert knowledge and experience in the power substation world, smart grid, IEC 61850 protocols, maintenance and test instrument markets.

Serving as truly independent consultants, we have more than 20 years of experience each from well-known industry groups (ABB, GE, Siemens), as well as combined with resources from the IT and communication world (Ericsson). Throughout the years, we have built a worldwide network of expertise and collaborate with leading experts. We conduct seminars, training courses and consultancy assignments on the subject.

With our knowledge of the market, understanding of customer needs, and our references, we can give our customers the needed support.

Through our new innovative product GridEx® and our other products, power network owners and service companies have access to a cyber secure test and audit tool. GridEx® is a smart grid/microgrid portable multimeter. It is designed to make large amounts of complex data readily available in their electrical language to the power engineers with valuable information, powerful suggestions and reports.

GridEx® and our other products can be used to proactively simplify the design, the implementation, commissioning of smart grid mono or multivendor power substations. Non-PC and dedicated non-injecting products can also be used “live” to monitor and analyze the networks with full cyber security.

Often used for troubleshooting and maintenance, they are not only minimizing the risk of blackouts and interruptions, but also reduce the cost of maintenance by up to 70%. Incidents are mitigated and managed before serious problems and costs occur.

Expertise areas

Expertise in power system and smart grid substation network protocols IEC 61850 (GOOSE, Sampled Values, MMS)


GridEx, SecurEx (under development), Helinks STS, Wavewin.

Customer segments

  • Power companies, transmission, distribution
  • Service companies within the power system, doing installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance

Why India?

India has well-developed substations within smart grid IEC 61850 and is a big and growing market. The end-users and customers are well educated and embrace new and high-tech technologies.


We have identified and appointed two distributors. They are being trained technically, but since our main product is an innovation we are developing together a specific market plan and reporting mechanism.

Key team

Romain Douib, 51, CEO, owner, market, sales, distributor/customer relationship, application expert
Master of Science in Electronics/Physics, 20 years experience in running combined hardware and software projects with a few to >20 project participants. Global marketing and sales of test and measurement instruments in the power industry through distributor networks.

Daniel Nordvall, 44, Vice President, partner, project manager (part time)
Previously worked at Telia, Program, General Electric, Hectronic. In his career, he has had the following positions: project manager, development manager, quality manager. Daniel also has sales competence and is skilled and experienced in managing subcontractors.

Tescik Aladro, 48, software architect, software developer, application protocol expert
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. Tescik has worked 20 years with real-time, algorithm, low level and application programming. Development of test equipment within smart grid. Skills within the application. Software architect at Ericsson, Megger/Program. He is used to working in several programming-language hardware solutions.

Mehrdad Kazemtabrizi, 26, application engineer
Master of Electrical Engineering. Three years experience in the field of electrical power industry application, smart grid/IEC 61850. Has worked at KTH.