Epiluvac AB was founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, and is an SME with 10 employees. Epiluvac designs and builds chemical vapor deposition systems for epitaxial semiconductors for silicon carbide and gallium nitride. These two semiconductors are very well suited for power electronics for electric vehicles and amplifiers for 5G wireless communication base stations.

Expertise areas

Epiluvac’s expertise is to develop and build chemical vapor phase epitaxial reactor systems for silicon carbide and gallium nitride. These reactors need to be gas leak tight and operate at temperatures up to approximately +1,650 °C.

Epiluvac not only designs and builds systems for customers but also offers a complete chemical process so the customer gets a turn-key solution.


Chemical vapor deposition (epitaxy) system for wide bandgap semiconductors. This system can come as a stand alone or cluster system with up to four systems combined. Wafers can be transported between the systems in vacuum at high temperature. A cluster system gives the operator a possibility to optimize the chemistry in each and every system individually.

Customer segments

  • Silicon carbide or gallium nitride semiconductor materials or device manufacturers.
  • R&D centers and universities at solid state electronics departments.

Why India?

India is now announcing great efforts and a lot of resources to be spent on developing their internal domestic semiconductor industry. Epiluvac believes the time is right to form a joint venture and become a supplier of WBG CVD systems to the Indian semiconductor industry.

Key team

Bo Hammarlund, Business Development
Roger Nilsson, CTO
Michael MacMillan, SiC expert
Alexey Ivanov, GaN expert