Enviro develops, builds and operates profitable industrial plants for material recovery from End of Life Tyres (ELT). The company has developed a process, based on a patented technology, where gas generated in the process is heating the tyres in absence of oxygen. This enables the materials in the tyres to decompose and be recovered instead of incinerated. Thus, a sustainable recovery of the resources Carbon Black (CB), oil, steel and gas is obtained. The products are used in new products, replacing fossil resources to help the customers reach their sustainability targets. Enviro was founded in 2001, has its head office in Gothenburg and runs its own plant for ELT tyres in Åsensbruk, Sweden. The company is listed on the First North Growth Market.

Expertise areas

Enviro’s sustainable recovery of Carbon Black, oil, steel and gas enables EBITDA-levels of around 60% from a 30K ton tires per year plant. The recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is reducing CO2-emissions by 80% compared to virgin Carbon Black. Replacing fossil resources is helping the tire and rubber industry to reach sustainability targets. Recovery of valuable resources such as Carbon Black materials that can replace fossil alternatives up to 100% and oil with high biocontent is increasingly attractive in order to replace fossil oils. The technology is meeting European emissions standards and is verified in the operating Swedish plant.


Enviro is offering strategic partners to co-invest in the establishment of additional plants in order to meet the growing demand for recovered Carbon Black and oil. A range of Carbon Black materials are also available from existing production. The EnviroCB550 has efficiently replaced virgin CB in a range of different applications to up to 100%. The PAH-levels are significantly lower than virgin CB and the CO2-footprint up to 80 % lower.

Customer segments

For plants: Investors from the sectors of recycling, Carbon Black, tire and rubber production, refineries with ambitions to blend bio-content fuels. Potentially government initiatives with circular economy ambitions willing to solve the End of Life Tire problem.

For materials (rCb): Tire and rubber industry with high sustainability ambitions and demanding international customers (tire, automotive). Carbon Black producers that are interested in adding a sustainable range to their existing product range, also with demanding international customers.

Why India?

India is one of the largest markets for production of both Carbon Black and rubber components such as automotive and tire applications. The growing demand of raw materials in the market combined with the increasing focus on sustainability is attractive to us. India has a significant problem with End of Life Tires and the available alternatives are normally not meeting international or national requirements on safety and environment. The value creation with existing technologies is normally very low. We believe that our technology and materials is offering a very attractive solution to India in many aspects. We strongly believe in the market to grow positively in terms of need for our technology and the materials we recover for decades to come. We have existing customers in Sri Lanka and several initiated contacts with investors and customers in India already.

Specific partnering interest

Since our technology is both solving a waste problem and adding significant value we are looking for strategic partnerships that have the potential to grow into a market-wide strategic partnership. For example there might be interest from partners in the business of Carbon Black (Birla) and rubber and tire products. We intend to have a joint ownership in all plants established.

Key team

Thomas Sörensson, CEO
Fredrik Olofsson, Sales Manager
Olov Ershag, COO
Urban Folcker, CFO