Enerpoly develops and manufactures zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary storage.

The patented technology utilizes cost-effective, non-critical materials, such as zinc and manganese, that are available globally and can be recycled in today’s infrastructure. Thus, Enerpoly delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in battery storage with a low-carbon battery that can be sustainably scaled.

In addition, the battery uses a water-based electrolyte and is non-flammable. In 2022, Enerpoly’s zinc-ion battery cell passed UL9540A testing for safety.

Expertise areas

  1. Low cost of ownership: with low upfront costs and low levelized cost of storage.
  2. Supply chain stability: with globally available, accessible, non-critical materials.
  3. Safety: non-explosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, lead-free technology.
  4. Scalability: leverage industry-standard manufacturing methods used for lithium-ion.
  5. Sustainability: mitigate 75 kg CO2eq per kWh of zinc-ion produced (vs. LFP).
  6. Existing recycling: battery components can be recycled in today’s infrastructure.


Zinc-ion batteries. Our first market products are:

  • 60Ah battery cell
  • 48V battery pack

Customer segments

Enerpoly’s zinc-ion batteries have mid-to-long discharge durations and can be utilized mainly for stationary storage.

Potential areas of use include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Grid-scale
  • Battery backup for EV charging
  • Motive power (e.g., forklifts, 3-wheelers, etc.)

Potential applications include:

  • Peak shaving / demand charge management
  • Backup power
  • Maximize self-consumption
  • Energy shifting
  • Grid upgrade deferrals

Why India?

India is a fast-growing country with an immense need for energy and an even greater potential to produce that energy within the sub-continent.

Enerpoly can help in building this thriving, sustainable future with cost-effective zinc-ion batteries that support the reliability and stability of a grid powered by renewable energy. We are committed to bringing zinc-ion batteries to the Indian market alongside the domestic players that understand the market best.

As our technology uses globally available materials (e.g., zinc, manganese), we can localize the sourcing and production of zinc-ion batteries. This can support the country’s goal of establishing a competitive domestic battery industry in India.

Specific partnering interest

  1. Battery manufacturers
    Explore partnerships and synergies to develop product and serve Indian market. Support Enerpoly in scaling up manufacturing in India or worldwide.
  2. Energy storage integrators
    Pilot zinc-ion batteries in systems to demonstrate technology in India. Discover the best use-cases and applications for the Indian market.
  3. Other stationary storage players such as end-users, e.g., utilities
    Understand customers’ needs and the energy storage market in India.
    Potential for investment and market entry (infrastructure for sales, etc.).

Key team

Eloisa de Castro, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mylad Chamoun, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Founder

Samer Nameer, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) & Founder