About Elvaco

Elvaco is a market leader that develops, produces, sells and supports products for metering within M-Bus and LoRa WAN standards worldwide.

Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, aiming to support our customers to develop their sustainable business.

We are specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.

With over 30 years in the market, we have the experience and knowledge to make your metering project successful. Welcome to connect with us!

Expertise areas

  • Smart Metering concept
  • IoT mindset in all our new products with NFC, LoRa & NB IoT technologies
  • Experience in M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus
  • Cover whole chain from product development to physical product in both hardware and software
  • Global references
  • Customer specific meter reports


Gateways for collecting meter data.

Meters/sensors for measure consumption in e.g. heat, water, temperature, humidity, gas, electricity and more.

Customer segments

  • District heating
  • Energy grids
  • Real Estate
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Solar

Why India?

We have delivered abroad for many years, so we know that we can do it successfully. India has a huge potential for Smart Metering and IoT within the metering industry.

Specific partnering interest

We are looking for a partner/reseller of our products in the above mentioned segments and different cities in India. In particular segments that uses M-Bus standards for metering and also LoRa WAN standard.

The partner/reseller could be either a system integrator or a distributor or both.

Key team

Niclas Ermesjö, Export & Partner