In 2006, Elforest was founded to develop the world’s first forest machine with an electric hybrid drive train, in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and the forestry companies. Since then, interest in electric hybrid technology has greatly increased.

Today, Elforest Technologies focuses on offering customer-specific electric hybrid drive trains to manufacturers of industrial vehicles. The electric hybrid market for heavy vehicles has been developed and the electric hybrid technology has become an important brand management for manufacturers, due to increased performance and fuel reduction. Manufacturers of vehicles in mining, construction, material handling, logistics, agriculture and forestry say they will offer electric or battery electric powered machines within two to three years. The development is expected to occur first at the subcontractors’ level.

Elforest Technologies objective is to expand by offering its specialized expertise in electric hybrid drive trains to customers for development of new modern industrial vehicles.

Elforest Technologies participates primarily in the feasibility study and construction phase of the development, as well as in the development of a prototype. Elforest Technologies licenses the technology for the customers’ serial production. We have ten years of experience in hybrid electric power injectors and drive trains. As specialists in customized hybrid electric systems for heavy-duty machinery we provide increased performance and fuel economy to industrial vehicles and marine vessels.

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Why India?

India is a big and important market for heavy-duty machinery. As markets expand, producers and users of heavy-duty machinery are looking to use machinery that reduces fuel consumption, and still has high productivity.

Elforest Technologies provides the electric turbo with an electric motor, battery-pack and a patented control system, to producers of heavy-duty machinery. Elforest Technology wants to learn more about the market for heavy-duty machinery in India and is looking for partners and early adopters.

Specific partner interest

Elforest Technologies benefits producers of heavy-duty machinery with varied workloads, subcontractors to the industry of industrial vehicles and technical consultants.

Key team

Per-Anders Bjuggstam, CEO and Systems engineer with experience from operating both consultancy companies and sales companies. Experience from small and midsized companies in both start-up and expansion.

Carl Kempe, Chairman, has long business experience being a board member of big successful companies. International experience.

Roger Gustavsson, Founder and Innovator, engineer holding several patents. Experience in management of mechanical construction and hydraulics.

Fredrik Lorenc, Electrical Engineer. Developer of control system and long experience of programming embedded systems.