Comsys is an ISO 9001:2015 certified multinational company headquartered in Lund, Sweden and into end-to-end solutions in power quality for industries. Comsys was founded in 2001. We are globally present in more than 50 countries across all verticals like steel, cement, F&B, railways, marine, power, paper, automobile, textile, capital goods, IT and data centers, pharma etc. Solutions vary from low voltage to as high as 130 kV. Our product line is called Active Dynamic Filters and is engineered, developed and manufactured in Sweden. ADF products are apt solution for harmonics, reactive power, transients, flicker, unbalance, oscillations and voltage variations.

Expertise areas

We believe in providing the cleanest of the clean power. Technology from Sweden.

We use the latest and advanced IGBT-based technology which stands on top of any solution available today. We call it Active Dynamic Filter (Active harmonic filter is normally known in India). A solution for harmonics, reactive power, transients, flicker, unbalance and resonance.

We completely remove the voltage and current harmonics present in the power system and thereby provide a clean power to the machines. This is a very fast and reliable solution which helps the machines to perform better and results in better productivity.

  • Reduces losses in the system.
  • System works with better efficiency.
  • Avoids failures or break down of equipment’s saving cost on replacements.
  • Safeguarding warranties on equipment.
  • Avoiding penalties from the utilities.
  • Energy saving in the plant, nuisance tripping, increase life of equipment, avoids resonance.
  • Reduced transformer overheating and losses.

We have a unique feature called sensor less control. Only available with Comsys.


Active Dynamic Filter (typical names in India: Active Harmonic Filters or Active Filters). Our technology is a patented active dynamic filtering technology.

Customer segments

All verticals – steel, cement, marine, oil and gas, automobile, paper, utilities (railways, electricity boards), power, minerals, mining, F&B, IT and data centres, water treatment, all industries.

Why India?

Huge upcoming potential. The government is planning to implement penalties on all industries across states if the power quality is not maintained within the limits in the plant.

No real quality product is available in India. The need will become bigger in the upcoming years.

Customers are not really clear on this topic. As a result, many local players are selling various low-quality products.

Key team

Paul Thadikaran – Country manager, India, sales and marketing
Jonny Hult – CEO
Rickard Jacobson – Global head of sales and marketing
Jonas Persson – Head of product management
Christian Born – Technical sales, product management
Dan Liljengren – Head of research and innovation (R&D)