ClimaCheck has developed innovative methods to monitor and make efficient all kinds of compressor-driven refrigerator, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems. Today, ClimaCheck supplies equipment globally and is growing in many European markets as well as in USA and Canada.


Climacheck Performance Analyser Pro Series

We market a wide range of performance-monitoring products and services. These include data collection hardware, PC software for temporary inspections, and Web services for continuous monitoring.

Our Performance Analysers document all types of compressor-driven refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment, providing accurate data for:

  • Expansion valve function/adjustment;
  • Precision refrigerant charging;
  • Compressor efficiency;
  • Evaluating heat exchanger performance and secondary flow rates;
  • Verification of control functions and system protection; and
  • Evaluation of Performance: Capacity, COP/EER and electrical power/power factor.

The analysers measure key parameters such as temperature, pressure and electrical measurements. By doing so, the analysers help take proper decisions in energy optimisation (reducing running costs for electricity consumption) and in preventive maintenance measures, so prolonging the life and efficiency of the monitored systems.

ClimaCheck Performance Analysers are flexible. They are available as

  • a portable system; or
  • a complete mobile measuring system with analogue and digital inputs.

The analysers are available in a robust case with wheels/handle and a fixed installation in pre-wired enclosure. This allows easy installation, for local or remote monitoring. For field measurements, too, connecting the analyser is quick, in most cases, without need for downtime.


ClimaCheck’s proven solutions increase energy efficiency considerably. They lead to

  • Energy savings of 10–40%
  • Increased plant reliability
  • Reduced equipment wear, and
  • Lower operating expenses.


ClimaCheck’s Performance Analysers received the Refrigeration Product of the year 2009 award in UK and was honoured as the Climate Solver 2011 by the World Wildlife Fund.