Clean Motion

Clean Motion is a vehicle manufacturer with a team of expertise and long experience from the European automotive industry. The strategy is to develop the product and manufacturing process centrally but distribute manufacturing to each local market. Clean Motion aims to start manufacturing of the Zbees in each market it enters. Clean Motion has developed the next generation of super-efficient clean vehicle to meet the transportation needs of the 21st century.


Clean Motion has produced Zbee, a three-wheeled electric vehicle. It is ultra-light to reach unprecedented efficiency and driving economy. We achieved this by focusing around a virtual product description where the approach is to reinvent every part of the product. This is achieved through multifunctional design, simplification and a lightweight approach. Designed for short distance travel and three passengers or small goods load. Zbee uses 7% of the energy of a fossil fuel driven city car. Its lean form factor lets it park with ease and zoom through traffic congestions. It is small and compact, and made of a special composite structure to make your ride as safe as possible yet we have built in 3-point seat belts in all seats. The battery lasts for 50 km and charging is easy, all you need is an ordinary outlet. Zbee is not just another example of an electric vehicle. It is the super energy efficient vehicle that is the result of combining the latest and best available technologies to create a compact and basic vehicle.

  • Ultra efficient electric vehicles
  • Urban transportation of any kind, goods, passengers

Why India?

India is considered to be a very important market and in January 2014 we agreed to form a subsidiary in India backed by local Indian finance. We believe strongly that the Zbee is the perfect product for sustainable urban transportation in India. India is the home of auto-rickshaws and the Zbee could be considered as the next generation.

Key team

Göran Folkesson, CEO
Anil Arora, Country Head, India