Bioprocess Control Sweden AB

Bioprocess Control is a market leader in the area of low gas flow analytical instruments for biotechnology related applications. We invest in innovation and development of smart instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and higher quality R&D and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour.

Expertise areas

Biogas/smart analytical instruments for both research and commercial analysis within biogas, organic wastes and wastewater treatment. The utilization of our instruments allows for more efficient reliable and higher quality work, leading to significant reductions in time and labour.


AMPTS II, AMPTS II Light, Gas Endeavour, μFlow, BioReactor Simulator and various reactors in different configurations.

Customer segments

Both academic and industrial section within biogas, organic wastes, and wastewater treatment business.

Why India?

India is one of few remaining big countries in Asia where we have only very limited market penetration. The Indian market is also the best market for us to develop and test our business strategy for low income countries.

Specific partnering interest

Our plan is to bring our Indian distributor, Elixir Technologie, into the Innovations’ Accelerator project and work closely with their team. This will not only show our support to our existing business cooperation, but also create new opportunities for both companies to work together expanding the business network.

Key team

Dr. Jing Liu (CEO, Bioprocess Control)
Mr. Rao Raghuvamshi (CEO, Elixir Technologies – BPC distributor in India)