Atmoz was founded with the vision that all companies, regardless of size, should have access to the necessary tools to easily monitor, manage and mitigate their climate impact. Every impact counts and nobody should be left behind in the race to net zero.

By embedding Atmoz in everyday operations, users will gain a competitive advantage over other businesses, have attainable climate targets, use resources smarter, operate more efficiently and move the business forward. Businesses using Atmoz will be transformed for the better.

We realised that in order to advance sustainability on a grand scale and in a meaningful way, we would need an equally grand shift in mindsets. Making carbon management accessible to SMEs was the first step. We did this by simplifying carbon accounting and building an end-to-end carbon management platform that plugs into existing accounting software and ERP systems.

Expertise areas

Areas of expertise: Carbon mapping and reporting. Carbon reduction plans. Carbon offsetting. Bespoke long-term climate strategies.


Seamless integration

Our platform can be set up quickly and easily as it is built to sit on top of an existing accounting infrastructure. Once connected, real-time reports can be generated in a matter of seconds.

End-to-end platform

With Atmoz businesses can map out their carbon impact, gather actionable insights and offset emissions on one single platform.

Trusted expertise

We are a team of carbon, sustainability, tech and data specialists. Hundreds of businesses have been entrusting our inhouse climate experts for decades with their complex, long-term climate strategies.


End-to-end carbon management platform: Review, Resolve, Restore

Some of the platform’s many features:

  • GHG Protocol compliant emissions reports
  • Real-time dashboard with drill-down functionality
  • Actionable insights
  • Industry benchmarks
  • High quality certified offsets
  • Climate expert support

Customer segments

  • SME businesses – finance and/or sustainability departments
  • Accounting firms/Auditors
  • ERP or accounting software companies

Why is India?

From a general perspective, the Indian Economy is buzzing and witnessing a growth trajectory which no other global economy is able to compete with. The country boasts a young and ambitious workforce and has truly elevated itself over the past couple of years, making it a dream destination for us to expand our business to and create lasting success.

We also believe that there isn’t a more opportune time than now to make the Atmoz platform available in the region. India has set itself an ambitious target of reaching net zero by 2070 but lacks a concrete plan on how to get there. SMEs are the backbone of the country’s economy and have generated somewhere in the vicinity of 110 million tCO2e. It is critical that they reduce their carbon footprint at the speed and the scale required to effectively reach net zero and help limit the worst impact of climate change, which disproportionately effects SMEs themselves.

Specific partnering interest

  • ERP software companies
  • The big 4 audit firms
  • Accounting firms and umbrella organizations
  • Trade associations

Key team

Fredrik Bentlinger, Founder & CEO
Stefan Anjou, Board Member & CTO
Richard Törnblom, Chairman of the Board & Head of Sales
Christian Wahlström, CPO

Sarah Arnst, Head of Communications
Joel Nord, Chief Climate Analyst
David Lindén, LCA Expert