About Aqua Robur

Aqua Robur is a Swedish full-service provider of IoT monitoring and analysis within Water Distribution, Wastewater & District Energy. Utilizing proprietary hardware and software, Aqua Robur covers a wide range of applications ranging from leak detection and water quality monitoring to sewer overflow, infiltration water detection, precipitation analysis, groundwater monitoring as well as complete monitoring for tanks and chambers.

The IoT monitoring solution provided by Aqua Robur is flexible, secure and sustainable. Throughout the years, Aqua Robur has developed several patented and innovative products that have won awards and gained interest from leading utilities worldwide. Today, Aqua Robur works with 20% of the water utilities in Sweden and selected partners in Europe, the Middle East and South America. The company has a clear focus on international expansion.

Expertise areas

Analyze water infrastructure at a system level and deliver real-time data from all parts of the network, even where there is no access to electricity or fixed data communication links. The heart of the solution is a proprietary energy harvester utilizing the water flow as the only energy source.

Built-in sensors, extremely low pressure drops, functional at very low flow speeds and the possibility to install via hot tapping, it´s really one of a kind.

Cost-effective way to gain full control of their water networks, allowing them to reduce leaks, non-revenue water, CAPEX & OPEX as well as effectively work with maintenance and sizing of networks.


Aqua Robur provides a complete IoT monitoring solution, including proprietary hardware and software. From a hardware perspective, this includes the connectivity device (sensor node) and various proprietary sensors.

Customer segments

Customers are primarily water utilities and city municipalities.

In the international expansion, Aqua Robur has a clear strategy to partner with strategic partners that can serve the end customer in order to have local presence in the market. Aqua Robur will train the strategic partners in installations, training and after-sales service & support. In parallel, Aqua Robur has an internationally experienced Customer Success / Technical team that will engage in customer installations and support worldwide.

Why India

Aqua Robur’s product can offer more sustainable and safe drinking water as well as improved sanitation to the people of India. In India, approximately 200 000 people die annually due to insufficient access to drinking water and almost 40 per cent of the Indian population will be exposed to water stress by 2030. Further, almost 35 per cent of India´s population lack proper sanitation, which results in high number of deaths and diseases. To add to the challenge for India, instable electricity and poor infrastructure in rural areas are factors that further complicate the situation. Aqua Robur is one of few companies in the world that can analyse water infrastructure at a system level and deliver real-time data to all part of the network, even where there is no electricity or fixed data communication links. The solution is easy to install, easy to understand, covers a wide range of applications and provides a very cost-efficient way of monitoring water networks.

The above factors combined makes India a very interesting market for Aqua Robur and we truly believe we can play a vital role in the digitalisation of the Indian water network while contributing towards resolving the global water crisis.

Key team members

Robert Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer

Worked for 10+ years to form partnerships and long-term strategies for new market entries, mainly withing IoT monitoring of water networks and District Energy.

Johan Stigsson, International Sales Manager

Extensive experience in international sales and partnerships in Europe, North/South America, the Middle East and Asia. Commercial & technical expertise in IoT monitoring of water networks and District Energy.