Aqua-Q is a technical applied research Swedish SME founded in 1992 by two water industry professionals with extensive experience and knowledge from Swedish water and wastewater sector. Aqua-Q has developed two ground-breaking standalone technological innovations in the water sector:

  • On-line real-time optical (laser) water quality monitoring and automatic sampling process AQUATRACK® – Enables early warning for biological contamination in water. EU ETV Certified.
  • Automatic self-contained modular ozone polishing system for on-line removal of pharmaceutical residues & pathogens present in treated wastewater effluent.

Both systems can be combined with an IoT platform called AQUA-RENOVATE.

By knowing the quality in real time, no excess chemicals need to be added and sampling frequency can be minimized – this saves energy and the environment. Sampling at the time of contamination is the novelty of AQUATRACK® and uses no chemicals, uses minimum of energy, and causes no emissions. Aqua-Q’s mission is to provide quality controlled clean and safe drinking water and water for reuse.

Recognised by IWA as the best market-changing technology in the world 2018 at Tokyo and Energy Globe Award 2017, Water Europe 2016.

Expertise areas

Real-time optical water quality monitoring, real-time sampling from the time of contamination, ozone disinfection and hygienic aspects of water.

Real-time early detection of micro-contamination in water, dynamic automatic sampling at the time of contamination and online removal of contaminants.


  1. AQUATRACK® Early Warning for contamination & automatic Sampling system with cold chamber.
  2. Semi-automatic computerised bacteria analysing kit, MBS MultiReader.
  3. Modular ozone polishing process to eliminate contaminants.

Customer segments

DWTP – Drinking water treatment plants
Monitoring of drinking water, both centralized & decentralized

  • Food manufacturing and processing industry, washing of packed vegetables and fruits
  • Bottled water manufacturers
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis beds
  • Hotels, guesthouses
  • Swimming pools

WWTP – Wastewater treatment plants
Both centralized & decentralized

  • Irrigation
  • Ground water recharge
  • Land based fish farming
  • Industrial wastewater treatment, pulp and paper industry
  • Reclaimed water

Why India?

We see India as a potential commercial market for our innovations. It is an opportunity for Aqua-Q to grow and create well-paid jobs.

Water scarcity and water shortage and need for quality-controlled water is our driving force to engage and enter Indian market. Change is needed for real-time quality control and communication.

We believe by adopting our cost effective, energy effective, quality controlled technical innovative solutions, will make a difference and improve the living condition of many people, increase the hygienic conditions in the present and post-covid normality era. Hand wash with clean and safe water is vital to prevent epidemics to spread.

Quality controlled safe reuse of water is essential for irrigation, and recharging ground water as well as to demonstrate the POC for educational purpose.

Specific partnering interest

Equity-based investment partner, who will have the infrastructure for sales, manufacturing and market entry possibilities through pre-financed demonstration of a pilot project in a real case scenario.

Key team

Sudhir Chowdhury: CEO, founder, innovator, expertise R&D and verification
Ulla Chowdhury: COO, founder, innovator, expertise, piloting, verification and management
Thomas Löfvenberg: Advisor and shareholder
Erik Moebius: Advisor and shareholder