Altris offers a reliable battery technology with outstanding safety and sustainability, combining good performance in power, energy-density and cycle life with a low cost. The battery is based on Altris’ cathode material – Fennac (also known as Prussian White).

A Fennac-based battery is made of abundant and cheap substances. Fennac® consists of one metal: Iron (Fe). The original sources of the other elements are air (N) seawater (Na), and wood (C). This means that a Fennac® battery contains no toxic substances, there are no conflict metals or geopolitical sourcing issues and it is very easy to recycle.

Thanks to the groundbreaking manufacturing invention, Altris can offer low-cost Fennac®, enabling a very competitive battery technology. On top of low cost and outstanding sustainability, a Fennac® battery offers superior safety and combines good performance in power, energy-density, high/low temperature performance and cycle life.


Altris is producing the cathode material Fennac® and developing intellectual property around Fennac®-based batteries. Altris sells Fennac® to battery cell producers.

Altris offers a reliable battery technology with outstanding safety and sustainability, combining good performance in power, energy density and cycle life with a low cost.

Customer segments

Electric cars, power tools, heavy duty vehicles, grid/home batteries and other new applications lead to a sharp increase in demand: The battery market is booming!

New applications require a new set of features and performance profile for batteries. The sales focus for Altris is where there is demand for a mix of good performance in at least two out of energy density, power, high and/or low working temperature, sustainability and safety, which is the case for e.g. power tools, electric ferries and house/grid energy storage.

Why India?

Raw materials for lithium-ion batteries are scarce and therefore sourcing becomes a geopolitical and ethical issue. If one has a long-term demand for batteries, one must consider the scarcity of raw materials when choosing battery type.

Secondly, as mankind cuts its dependency on fossil fuels, a new huge demand for batteries is evolving in electric vehicles as well as balancing production and consumption of electricity. Most applications demand good performance in safety, energy-density, power, life-time cost and sustainability; a mix of features that neither lead-acid batteries (PbAc) nor lithium-ion batteries (e.g. NMC, NCA and LFP) can deliver.

Specific partnering interests

Altris is looking for partners in India that want to produce sustainable and cost-competitive battery cells based on Altris’ cathode material.

Key team

Adam Dahlquist, CEO